Bike Trailer Minimum Age Requirement (for Safety and Comfort)

In case you’re eager to get outside with your child however aren’t certain if they’re vintage enough, that is the region for you. I’ve been there—i’ve had the equal questions while driving with my youngsters!

There are a few critical issues when driving with small child to help make certain that you are doing it accurately and easily on your infant.

I’ve been riding with my children due to the fact they have been an infants the use of special using methods, such as infant seats and bike trailers. Here’s the entirety you want to know about the minimal requirement to securely and readily journey in a bike trailer.

What’s the minimum age to ride in a bike trailer?

A child must be at least 12 month and capable of sit up straight earlier than driving in a bike trailer. Children beneath 1 year also can journey in a bike trailer while using an little one-specific insert or car seat.

With the intention to sit comfortably and competently in a bike trailer, the industry-wide advice is that a toddler is as a minimum 12 months antique.

One year old children can ride safely and safely in a bike trailer. If you’re going to ride a bike with a one-year-old child, you should let them ride without a helmet and wear a jacket and pants.

The age requirement is ready in region to make sure that a infant has adequate aid muscle tissues in their neck and again to sit up straight properly inside the bike trailer.

Bike Trailer Minimum Age Requirement (for Safety and Comfort)

It’s important to know the minimum age that you need to ride in with your child. The age is roughly based on the weight of the child. And, it’s also important to know what type of bike or bike trailer you need.

You don’t want to be taking your child on a bike that is too heavy or you’re not sure is safe for him. Most bike trailers are safe for children under the age of 4. If you’re unsure, it’s best to here a bike trailer that is safe for kids.

If you find the best bike trailer for infants, so i write an article you may be check here.

Why should a child be 1-year old before riding in a bike trailer?

Even though every baby develops at a exceptional price, the reasoning in the back of the 1-12 months benchmark is that a infant have to be capable of sit upright on their own whilst sporting a bike helmet.

This guarantees that the child has sufficient body strength to revel in a experience within the bike trailer with out experiencing an excessive amount of aggressive to and fro bouncing.

Irrespective of the age of your infant, it’s miles endorsed to no longer ride aggressively on difficult roads or at speeds above 10 mph (or sixteen kph).

What does Burley say the age recommendation?

In keeping with burley, that is one of the leading bike trailer producers primarily based inside the united states, they kingdom:

“to ride in a burley trailer at the back of a bicycle, the industry popular is to attend till a baby is one year old. At the same time as each baby’s physical development is unique, we recommend that a baby have to be able to sit down upright unattended and hold his or her head up even as carrying a bicycle helmet. Please test along with your pediatrician if you are unsure about your infant’s neck electricity.”

United States age recommendation vs other countries

The 1-12 months endorsed age requirement is promoted primarily within the U.S.A..In different international locations, it is virtually commonplace to see mother and father driving together with infants in car seats or in an infant inserts.

I’ve in my view seen many parents in japan and the United Kingdom riding with children below 12 months vintage.

In fact, in step with a few polls i’ve achieved in organization boards of dad and mom (appreciably inside the popular fb institution by using rascal rides), many human beings do journey with infants below 12 months vintage:

Bike trailer minimum age requirement (for safety and comfort)

Of route, each discern need to experience obligation with a child, however there are ways to trip with an infant accurately with the aid of using an infant insert or a car seat.

Below i’ve mentioned extra data about these two options.

Is it safe for an infant to ride in a bike trailer? 

As stated above, it is very not unusual to locate cyclists taking babies around in bike trailers in different countries, maximum appreciably in the netherlands and other parts of europe.

However inside the united states, it’s far almost universally advocated through bike trailer manufacturers to wait till the kid is as a minimum 1 yr antique. However why 12 months antique?

The 1-year benchmark is recommended for some reasons:

  • An infant do now not have sturdy stabilizing muscle groups to help them in the course of the trip
  • The opportunity of a crash would possibly impact an toddler negatively
  • An infant aren’t capable to properly put on a bicycle helmet

With these concerns in thoughts, biking with an infant can nevertheless be a totally secure and healthful hobby for both child and discern.

I wrote an in-depth article pretty much how safe bike trailers definitely are. Take a look at it out here.

Two methods to ride with an infant: Infant insert vs car seat

There are two main methods for biking with an infant is a car seat and infant insert in the bike trailer.

Infant insert vs a car seat

Infant insert

Infants are very sensitive and require a lot of attention. An infant needs a lot of time with their parents, and riding a bike is hard on the joints of the baby. The way to handle this is to ride with the infant in a bike trailer.

In order to ride with the infant insert two infants in the bike trailer safely, you need to be sure that you’re using the correct materials and safety equipment. 

In my recommendation Burley infant insert is one of the best infant insert for bike trailer.And I give you Top 3 Best Infant Insert Bike Trailer that is also helpful to you for choose the best infant insert for bike trailer.

for more i write a article on Two methods to ride with an infant: Infant insert vs car seat you can check here.

You must use for two children.You also need to have a good sense of how to get the infant in and out of the bike trailer.

Pros of infant insert

  • It’s convenient and easy to install.
  • Use infant insert best for two infants
  • Comfortable and safe for infant’s neck and head.

Cons of infant insert

  • It’s not very strong.
  • Compatible for suitable trailers.

Car seat

Car seats are very important for the safety and well-being of infants as they grow up. However, car seats in car trunks can also make things more difficult for people who need to get around in a car. 

You can either transport the infant in a car seat in a car trunk, or you can use a bike trailer to transport the infant.In my opinion I recommend to using a car seat in the trailer for one baby.

Setting up the car seat in the bike trailer. You also need to make sure that the car seat is properly cradled in the bike trailer. 

Don’t use a car seat that is too low or too high for the bike trailer and don’t use a car seat that is too large or too small. 

If you have a large bike, there are also many different types of bike trailers. In my recommendation schwinn joyrider is best option for a car seat in the bike trailer.

Pros of car seat

  • Use a car seat best for one infant.
  • You don’t have to worry about your baby getting hurt. 
  • Comfortable and safe for an infant.

Cons of car seat

  • You can’t take it on a trip, and it has to be secured to the bike and Its not lightweight.
  • Difficult to fit with most of the trailers.

Use a car seat for one infant

Ordinary, i advocate the usage of the car seat method if you’ll just be driving with one baby. You simply have to make certain you a bike trailer with a huge enough interior to suit an infant car seat (like the trailers mentioned under).

For instance, my recommended bike trailer of preference the schwinn joyrider has a massive interior that simply suits our car seat.

Use an infant insert for 2 kids

In case you plan to trip with kids, then i recommend getting the burley toddler insert for the toddler, which is small sufficient to allow for 2 kids to ride side throughs side. It prices round $eighty, which is on the lower stop of infant inserts for bike trailers.

Despite the fact that burley states that their infant insert is simplest well matched with burley trailers, any bike trailer with a harness will work in principle.

Infant insert option

A few bike trailer manufactures make inserts which might be in particular designed for bike trailers. Right here are 3 you could test out:

1.Burley Design Baby Snuggler

Designed for your child’s safety and comfort, this baby snuggler is made from the best materials.It is best infant insert for bike trailer.This baby snuggler was designed for use with all child trailers that have a 5-point harness system.

2.The Thule Chariot Infant Sling

The Thule Chariot Infant Sling makes life easier for parents. The sling is ideal for transporting babies and children between five and ten months old. This infant insert by thule is handiest well suited with thule bike †railers. It expenses about $one hundred, but it is an brilliant toddler sling.

3.Hamax Unisex-Youth Outback Trailer infant insert

The Hamax Unisex-Youth Outback Trailer infant insert is ideal for babies from birth. That’s it is best infant insert for bike trailers.

How to safely ride with an infant in a bike trailer

Bike trailer minimum age requirement (for safety and comfort)

Here are 5 pointers to safely ride with an infant:

1.Area your an infant in a car seat or an infant insert even as inside the bike trailer

It is recommended to region your an infant in a car seat or an infant insert whilst inside the bike trailer. while doing so, you may make sure protection requirements designed for the car enterprise even as additionally maintaining your child comfort (don’t

don’t be surprised if he/she falls asleep on every occasion you trip!).

Bike trailer minimum age requirement (for safety and comfort)

car seat can be put into the bike trailerfacing ahead, and strapped to the bike trailer using a belt or wire.

2.Tour at low speeds underneath 10 mph (sixteen kph)

No matter the age of your baby, it’s far constantly encouraged to maintain speeds beneath 10 mph (or 16 kph) to reduce the risk of losing manage and causing an uncomfortably bumpy journey.

(Suitable success going any faster than that anyway)

Kidding apart, riding at lower speeds will provide you with greater manipulate over steering the trailer and additionally braking while needed.

Further, driving speedy can also cause more bumping up and down to your baby, particularly on hard terrain.

3.Experience on easy surfaces

Riding on a smooth floor with out lots gravel will give you higher manipulate over steerage your bike and the bike trailer. Easy surfaces additionally assist with lowering the hazard of throwing the infant round.

4.Use flashing lighting and a flag

One of the potential dangers of cycling in standard is cars and different riders not seeing you. That is even more critical when using with a toddler, due to the fact bike trailers are in the direction of the ground and a driver won’t see it.

It’s far usually precise exercise to experience with flashing lighting fixtures on your bike, as well as at the bike trailer (even in the course of the day).

The other recommendation to make sure visibility is to mount a flag to the trailer so one can put the trailer in the attention line of drivers. Most bike trailers come with flags to help with visibility.

5.Use helmet according an infant

Use helmet according the childs age if your child is newborn so in my recommendation don’t wear at all because newborn babies has no stability and they are very weak.

In my recommendation when your child 1 year old. After that Sometimes you should have to wear helmet to your child because he to add habit of helmet comes in very easy.

It’s important to make sure that you’re using the best helmet for baby.

Can an infant ride in the bike trailer?(plus safety tips)

A helmet that fits an infant properly is one that has a high impact rating. Helmets for infants are also made

with material that is breathable, which is great if your baby sweats.

Consider using a helmet for infants, as this will help protect them from being run over by a car. They’re also a good way of keeping their faces intact and protecting them from the sun.

Use helmet according an infant. This sentence highlights the importance of safety for infants. Riding without a helmet is dangerous, and it’s important to use one so that you can be aware of any obstacles that may be around you.

All in all, if you follow those 5 easy recommendations, then riding in a bike trailer is arguably safer than driving in a car because of the slow pace and added manipulate.

My recommended bike trailer: Schwinn Joyrider

My endorsed trailer for the majority is the scwhinn joyrider, that is an low priced double-seater that converts beautifully to a stroller. Test out my full evaluate with pics here.

Test out the remaining manual to shopping for a bike trailer for extra assist with deciding on a trailer. I also have compiled a listing of the top bike trailers for each common state of affairs, which you may check out right here.

Trip on!

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