Can you put an infant car seat in a bike trailer

In case you’re an avid cyclist itching to discover the outside together with your newborn, then you definitely in all likelihood read someplace that the recommended age for a child to start using in a bike trailer is 1 yr vintage.

However can or not it’s finished correctly even earlier?

I’ve been riding with my kids in bike trailers on the grounds that they have been an infants with the aid of the usage of a car seats and an infant insert, which might be the 2 fundamental methods to journey with a infant.

In this text, we’ll cover precisely what to expect when putting an infant car seat in a bike trailer. In the end, safety is the first subject mother and father have whilst taking their most valuable shipment (an infant!) round in a bike trailer.

Till an infant is at least 1 year vintage, it’s miles endorsed to area an infant in a car seat at the same time as inside the bike trailer. By means of doing so, you may ensure safety standards designed by way of the car seat producer whilst also preserving your an infant cozy.

Is it secure to ride with a car seat in a bike trailer?

It is very not unusual to discover cyclists taking infants round in bike trailers in different international locations, most considerably within the netherlands and different elements of Europe.

Inside the united states of America where in i stay, but, it is a barely different story. It’s miles universally endorsed by using bike trailer producers to wait until the kid is at the least 1 yr vintage.

Consistent with a few polls i’ve carried out in group forums (extensively within the famous facebook organization through rascal rides), many human beings in the usa do use the car seat technique to journey with an infant.

In some instances, humans opt to use an infant slings, which i’ll provide an explanation for in extra element under.

However why is the the 1-12 months benchmark recommended?

The 1-12 months benchmark is recommended for some reasons: An Infants do no longer have robust stabilizing muscle tissue to assist them at some point of the experience.

  • The opportunity of a crash would possibly impact an toddler negatively.
  • Babies are not able to correctly wear a bicycle helmet.
  • With those issues in mind, biking with an infant can nevertheless be a completely secure and wholesome pastime for each baby and parent.

I wrote an in-intensity article just about how secure bike trailers surely are. Check it out here.

Can you put an infant car seat in a bike

By way of following the following five hints, putting a car seat in a bike trailer may be a completely secure and fun manner to get round.

Five suggestions to soundly trip with an infant in a bike trailer using a car seat

It need to be referred to that maximum bike trailer manufacturers advise ready till an infant is 1 year old before using in a bike trailer, which is why using a car seat or an little one sling can make it lots more secure and cozy in your little one.

Although the fitness benefits of driving frequently outweigh the capability dangers, please ride at your very own chance.

Right here are a few helpful pointers to make riding with a car seat more secure.

1.Secure the car seat using straps

You can use a strap or bungee cord to feature extra safety while attaching the auto seat to the bike trailer. If your bike trailer can also in shape the base piece of the auto seat, then it is encouraged to consist of that as properly.

Right here’s a fab video that suggests how this may be performed.

2.Tour at low speeds under 10 mph (16 kph)

Regardless of the age of your child, it’s far constantly recommended to hold speeds

beneath 10 mph (or 16 kph) to lessen the danger of dropping manage and causing an uncomfortably bumpy trip.

(true luck going any faster than that anyway 🙂).

Kidding apart, driving at lower speeds will provide you with extra control over steerage the trailer and additionally braking whilst wanted. Further, driving rapid may also purpose greater bumping up and down for your an infant, in particular on hard terrain.

3.Experience on easy surfaces

Driving on a easy surface with out plenty gravel will come up with higher manipulate over steerage your bike and the bike trailer. Easy surfaces also assist with decreasing any bumpy roads that might make your child uncomfortable.

If you’re not certain what the smoothest direction might be, you could take out google maps and explore the path by way of your self before taking the bike trailer. We usually propose checking out the terrain on your very own ahead so you’re acquainted with the panorama.

4.Don’t use a helmet

It sounds counter-intuitive, but it is without a doubt not advocated that an infant wears a helmet. Helmets upload extra weight to the infant’s neck that they can’t yet help themselves.

In addition, a helmet could vicinity the an infant’s head in an uncomfortable forward position within the bike trailer, that may cause pain or different increase troubles. This is why it is really very difficult to discover an infnat helmet on the market.

5.Use flashing lights and a flag

One of the capability risks of biking in popular is vehicles and different riders no longer seeing you. This is even more critical when riding with a child, due to the fact bike trailers are closer to the floor and a driving force may not see it.

It is continually right exercise to ride with flashing lighting for your bike, as well as at the bike trailer (even at some point of the day).

The alternative advice to ensure visibility is to mount a flag to the trailer as a way to positioned the trailer in the eye line of drivers. Maximum bike trailers come with flags to help with visibility.

All in all, in case you observe these four easy recommendations, then using in a bike trailer is arguably safer than riding in a vehicle because of the slow velocity and introduced manipulate.

How large does the bike trailer want to be to in shape a car seat?

Any bike trailer must have sufficient indoors room to fit a regular-sized little one car seat. A few larger bike trailers may also have sufficient room to fit the base of the car seat, as well as the car seat itself.

If you may in shape the bottom in your trailer, i do propose doing that for more protection.

The bike trailer does not need to be a double-seated trailer to be able to use the car seat technique. As featured inside the above video, a simple single-seated bike trailer has ample space to comfortably in shape an infant car seat.

Within the photograph under, i exploit a schwinn joyrider double bike trailer to in shape our a car seat and it works splendidly.

Can you put an infant car seat in abike

What occurs once I crash and my bike falls over?

One gain of the usage of a bike trailer is that in case your bike falls over otherwise you crash your bike, the incident will maximum likely have little or no impact on the child.

bike trailers connect to the bike the usage of a bendy connection gadget that lets in the bike to fall over without bringing down the bike trailer.

In the unlikely situation that the bike trailer does roll over, trailers are designed with a cover-like cage that protects the passengers from coming in contact with the ground.

Should an infant wear a bike helmet?

It isn’t recommended that an infant wears a helmet. Helmets upload additional weight to the baby’s neck that they can’t but help themselves.

Further, a helmet might vicinity the infant’s head in an uncomfortable ahead role within the bike trailer, which could lead to ache or different boom issues. That is why it’s far in reality very hard to find an infant helmet available on the market.

Top 5 bike trailers for Infants

We propose getting a spacious bike trailer with a purpose to suit a car seat. Relying to your finances and whether or not you want a two-seater bike trailer, here are some tremendous bike trailers that every one have spacious interiors.

Tip: on the grounds that your an infant can be growing over the years, we advise going with a bike trailer that still converts right into a stroller. Convertible bike trailers make splendid strollers due to their large wheels and clean experience.

1.Schwinn joyrider

Best value bike trailer for an infants

Seats: double
Stroller conversion: yes
Weight limit: 100 lbs (43 kg)

View on amazon.

The schwinn joyrider is a scouse borrow of a deal for a double-seated trailer that converts seamlessly to an extremely good stroller.

It has excessive-give up features, which include stroller conversion out of the field, a stable shielding cage, large 20-inch wheels for additional smoothness, and massive interior space. You get all of that without breaking the bank at simply around.

I for my part had been using the joyrider the longest out of all the trailers we have, and i nonetheless stand by way of it because the quality bang-for-dollar bike trailer available on the market!

Be aware: the amazon description page mistakenly labels this trailer as a “1 seat” trailer, but that is incorrect. It’s miles in truth a “2 seat” trailer.

  • Low cost—a low charge point for super capabilities
  • Shielding cage—delivered peace of thoughts
  • Stroller conversion—converts seamlessly to a comfy stroller
  • Large cargo space
  • Wider
  • Heavy

2.Burley bee

High-quality minimalist bike trailer for infants

Seats: double
Stroller conversion: no
Weight limit: 80 lbs (36 kg)

View on amazon.

The burley bee is a well-designed, superb, lightweight, and finances-friendly bike trailer for frequent riders.

With the respectable burley emblem and terrific materials, the burley bee is one of the great bang-for-buck trailers for all of us looking for a trailer that is just surely accurate at being a trailer.

  • Affordable—a low price factor for a first rate burley trailer
  • Burley quality—a great trailer that could change into a robotic
  • Lightweight—weights simply 20 lbs, which is half the weight of a few trailers
  • No stroller conversion—it’s a minimalist, lightweight trailer

3.Burley d’lite x

Quality 2-in-1 bike trailer & stroller for an infants

Seats: single or double
Stroller conversion: yes
Weight limit: 100 lbs (43 kg)

View on amazon.

The burley d’lite x is a excessive-quit bike trailer designed for all styles of driving. From gravel using to mountain using to taking walks, this trailer can do it all.

You could inform that burley put a whole lot of concept into the comfort of this bike trailer, from the enormously comfy seat to the rare suspension for added comfort.

Comfy seat

Both the single and double variations of the d’lite x come with a strong bench-fashion seat that has an extremely good five-factor harness and headrest. It’s far rather rare to find a seat of this high-quality and luxury.

The d’lite x seats additionally recline, that is a tremendous characteristic now not determined on less expensive trailers. But, the seats do no longer recline very a long way, so it’s a bit unlucky.

Suspension for brought comfort

No longer many bike trailers come ready with suspension. If you plan to do any type of gravel or mountain using together with your bike trailer, then a trailer with suspension is extraordinarily recommended. The suspension is placed below the wheels to feature consolation when using over tough terrains.

  • Stroller conversion—an extremely good stroller with massive wheels
  • Secure seats—for introduced consolation
  • Suspension—for a further clean trip.
  • Large cargo space — large interior space
  • Expensive
  • Folding up is not clean
  • Seats do not recline

4.Thule chariot lite

Fine basic bike trailer for infants

Seats: double
Stroller conversion: yes
Weight limit: 100 lbs (43 kg)

View on amazon.

High-quality for energetic households who want the most out of their bike trailer, the thule chariot lite is a among the finest quality trailer this is worth each penny. Its massive wheels and suspension characteristic make it a top notch choice for gravel using or mountain using.

Even though at the better give up of the fee spectrum, the chariot lite is clearly some hundred greenbacks inexpensive than its older brother, the thule chariot cross. Because of this, the chariot lite makes the list of remarkable trailers and i might advise it to someone seeking out a trailer which could take a beating.

But why would everyone swing for this type of luxurious bike trailer?

The chariot lite comes with suspension, which provides extra consolation in your an infant on rough terrain. In case you plan on any gravel or mountain rides, then this trailer is right on your form of driving.

However if you’re simply making plans on leisure using, then the schwinn joyrider does a number of the identical things for more than 1/2 the fee.

  • Maximum-best materials—surely the quality components available on the market
  • Suspension—brought consolation on difficult terrain
  • Double the front wheels—makes for an terrific stroller
  • Plenty of garage—it even comes with a pannier bag attached to the lower back
  • Expensive
  • Complicated to assemble

5.Schwinn trailblazer

Excellent budget bike trailer for an infants

Seats: single or double
Stroller conversion: yes on double, no on single
Weight limit: 80 lbs (36 kg)

View on amazon.

For budget-minded households that at also need a bike trailer with notable opinions, the schwinn trailblazer is difficult to beat at below $one hundred fifty! There are different noteworthy trailers which might be within the equal price range as the trailblazer: the instep and the allen sports deluxe.

The reason i might advise the schwinn trailblazer over the ones two options is without a doubt because of the high-quality.

They simply don’t have the identical level of sturdiness and safety features that the trailblazer offers.

The trailblazer additionally comes in a double-seat capacity and stroller conversion.


  • high quality material—for a budget trailer
  • Double and single seats to be had—few trailers deliver each options
  • Stroller conversion available—best at the double model
  • Affordable
  • Single model has no stroller

Infant insert options

A few bike trailer manufactures make inserts that are mainly designed for bike trailers. Right here are two you could test out.

Be sure to check out this submit on an infants inserts.

An infant sling insert for outback multi-sport bike trailer

This an infant insert is designed to attach to hamax bike trailers.

Thule chariot infant sling

This infant insert is designed to attach to thule bike trailers.


While following fundamental bicycle safety pointers, cycling with a car seat in a bike trailer is a totally secure and healthy manner to get round. Weighing the health benefits in opposition to any viable risks will assist you make the first-rate decision in your growing own family.

Want help finding the right bike trailer?

In case you want help finding the right bike trailer for you, my endorsed trailer for the majority is the scwhinn joyrider, that is an inexpensive double-seater that converts fantastically to a stroller.

Take a look at out the ultimate manual to shopping for a bike trailer for greater help with selecting a trailer. I also have compiled a listing of the top bike trailers for every common situation, which you can check out right here.

Trip on!

mostly ask question on can you put an infant car seat in a bike trailer.

1.Can you put a car seat in a bike trailer?

Until a baby is as a minimum 12 months antique, it’s miles advocated to area a child in a car seat whilst in the bike trailer. With the aid of doing so, you will make certain protection standards designed by way of the car seat producer while also retaining your baby comfortable.

2.What age can you put an infant in a bike trailer?

To journey in a burley trailer at the back of a bicycle, the enterprise preferred is to wait till a baby is twelve months antique. Even as each toddler’s physical improvement is precise, we advocate that a child should be able to take a seat upright unattended and preserve his or her head up even as carrying a bicycle helmet.

3.How do you ride a bike with a newborn?

Your infant should have exact head and neck manipulate, and be strapped in with a at comfy harness.
Do: check the specifications of your motorbike seat or trailer to ensure the burden limit and age is appropriate on your child.
Do not: placed an infant car seat interior a trailer.
Don’t: wear a toddler wrap/provider and journey your bike.
Do: begin helmet sporting right away so,there is no thinking it’s far obligatory.

4.Can you use a bike trailer as a stroller?

As with any things, you in reality get what you pay for with bike trailers. High-cease and mid-range trailers have the maximum consolation functions (like suspension or reclining seats) and also have the potential to convert to strollers, joggers, and ski.

5.Is a bike seat or trailer more secure?

Trailers, that have bicycle-kind wheels and an extended hitching arm that fastens to a bicycle from at the back of and ride low to the floor, are doubtlessly safer in an accident. It’s because a infant might fall about 3 ft from a established bike seat compared with a fall of about 6 inches from a trailer.

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