How to Attach a Burley Bike Trailer to Thru-Axle Disc Brakes

Thru-axles are getting more common place on newer bikes, specially on bikes that have disc brakes. Unfortunately, they don’t continually play well with bike trailers.

When you have a thru-axle bike, then you’re probably here due to the fact you’re looking to determine out a way to attach your burley bike trailer in your thru-axle or disc brake bike.

I’ve attached my burley bee bike trailer to all forms of bikes, which include my disc brake road bike.

This manual will make it easy with a view to identify the dimensions of your bike’s thru-axle and precisely where to get the proper burley adapter in your bike trailer.

in order it will attach a burley bike trailer to a thru-axle bike, you will maximum likely want to purchase an adapter for round $55. The adapter is needed to attach the bike trailer hitch onto the thru-axle bike.

However, now not all thru-axle bikes require an adapter. In my experience, i purchased the thru-axle adapter for my burley bee trailer, and i didn’t even want it to in shape my disc brake bike.

Consequently, my advice is to first attempt it to see in case your burley trailer will match your thru-axle bike. If it doesn’t, then you should purchase an adapter the use of the links within the table down below.

Burley provides several thru-axle adapters for just about each length of thru-axle in life. You may use the table underneath to locate the ideal length adapter to your bike trailer.

Here’s a helpful video to expose the way to connect a burley thru-axle adapter:

How to find the right size thru-axle adapter for a burley bike trailer

How to attach a burley bike trailer to thru -axle disc brakes

A burley thru-axle adapter can be purchased for around $55. To be able to discover the perfect thru-axle adapter length for your unique bike, you first want to become aware of those 3 matters:

  • Axle length
  • Thread pitch
  • Axle diameter

Down i’ll provide an explanation for how to discover each of these.

You can purchase the best burley thru-axle adapter length for around $fifty five the usage of the hyperlinks beneath, depending on your bike’s thru-axle length.

How to measure your thru-axle

How to attach a burley bike trailer to thru-axle disc brakes

Maximum of the confusion round thru-axles and bike trailers comes down to the truth that there are so many extraordinary sizes of thru-axles.

Here’s a way to degree your thru-axle to be able to locate the suitable thru-axle adapter to your bike:

Axle diameter

The axle diameter measures the diameter across the axle. Maximum thru-axles are 12mm, so it’s probably secure to expect your thru-axle is 12mm.

Axle duration

The axle duration measures the distance (typically in mm) from the pinnacle of the axle to the give up. You will want to recognise your bike’s axle duration so that you can purchase the suitable thru-axle adapter.

Thread pitch

The thread pitch measures the gap among each man or woman thread. You’ll need to recognise your bike’s thread pitch which will purchase the suitable adapter on your bike trailer.

How to attach a burley bike trailer to thru-axle disc brake

Picture by burley.Com

The way to fast discover your bike’s thru-axle size

There are 4 ways you may try to discover your bike’s thru-axle length:

Method #1: remove the thru-axle from your bike’s wheel and take a look at the sides for the scale.

Method #2: take a look at your bike’s user guide

Method #3: measure the scale manually the use of the strategies within the above phase

Method #4: appearance up your bike with this accessible online device by using robert axle challenge.

Where to buy the right thru-axle adapter

Here is a list of many burley thru-axle adapters primarily based for your bike’s thru-axle length:

According the above table choose yours.

Other bike trailer brands

When you have a bike trailer thru another logo, consisting of burley, hamax, schwinn, instep, aosom, or every other emblem, then make certain to test out the whole manual that i prepare on where to get the right adapter for any bike trailer.

Test out that guide right here.

Here’s a useful video to reveal how thru-axle adapters paintings:

why are bike trailers not compatible with thru-axle bikes?

The motive almost all bike trailers are not like minded with thru-axle bikes right out of the box is that thru-axles are pretty new compared to the standard quick-release skewers.

Bike trailer manufacturers designed the trailer hitch coupler gadget with the fast-launch in mind, which alas method that the original layout of many couplers does not fit the thru-axle.

The coolest news is that some bike trailer businesses are catching on and feature decided to make their coupler hole a little larger to house the thru-axle length.

Considerably, schwinn and instep have made a drastic trade to their fashionable coupler attachment in current years that allows for a thru-axle to pass through the coupler hollow.

It became a formidable flow on their part to upgrade their coupler, however it’s appropriate they did because now they’ve created the most “universal” coupler on the market.

No longer handiest that, however scwhinn has come out with a few very stable bike trailers (like this one) for a awesome low cost rate (as compared to other brands).

It’s thrilling to me that thule and other big bike trailer brands have not yet caught on to converting their wellknown hitch coupler to accommodate thru-axles, but they do a very good activity at providing many specific styles of thru-axle adapters for all sizes.

What makes thru-axles better than quick release- skewers?

Many newer bikes now use a thru-axle machine, in particular mountain bikes and bikes with disc brakes. The purpose for this enterprise-wide exchange from the traditional quick-launch is largely due to many ongoing proceedings surrounding the fast-launch skewer.

One of the most high-quality complaints resulted in the very famous bike emblem trek recalling a sure disc brake bike because the short-release lever become reportedly getting caught in the disc rotor whilst the lever was left open while driving.

This incident seemingly taught the enterprise that the most secure system for disc brakes is thru-axle, in preference to quick-release.

Any other number one reason for the switch from the short-release to the thru-axle is due to the fact the thru-axle is stiffer than the short-release.

The stiffness of the thru-axle in flip gives more sturdiness to the form of the bike. Short-launch skewers had been acknowledged to bend and offer much less stiffness to the bike’s wheel axle because of how skinny they’re.

Why are disc brakes better for pulling a bike trailer?

Whether you’re a disc brake fanatic or you’d like to get a disc brake bike, you’ll be satisfied to know that disc brakes are best companions for bike trailers.

They offer great braking energy in even the worst riding situations, at the same time as additionally supplying you with the greater wanted pressure to prevent the ahead movement of pulling a bike trailer.

So, in case you are set on the usage of your disc brake bike to drag a bike trailer, then you’re in good fortune because it is truly viable. But there are a few bike trailers to look at out for, which i explain below.

What are thru-axles and why do disc brakes use them?

For protection motives, thru-axles are determined on most disc brake bikes nowadays, as opposed to the short-release gadget.

The very famous bike brand trek recalled a positive disc brake bike due to the fact the quick-release lever become reportedly getting stuck within the disc rotor while the lever changed into left open even as using.

This incident reputedly taught the enterprise that the safest device for disc brakes is thru-axle, rather than quick-release.

Thru-axles additionally add a level of sturdiness and stiffness to the fork of the bike while going over rougher terrain.

Top 4 Best Burley’s trailer

Here i give top 4 burley bike trailer suggest for attach a bike trailer to thru-axle disc brakes and this trailers are affordable and all trailer are high quality obviously because they are burley’s named trailers! We give full summary also with their pros and cons.


(Best Overall Bike Trailer For Kids)

Weight: 28 lbs

Seats: Single & double seats

Conversions kits: stroller, jogger, skiing

Burley D’ lite x bike trailer likes by all parents to ride with their kids. It is easy to use and comfort for baby with the stroller.    

D’lite x is designed for all types of riding like mountainriding and gravelriding to strolling, Burley D’lite x makes more comfortable ride with kids from the quality features seats with larger wheels and also rare suspension for added more easier and comfort ride with safe gravel and mounting riding.

For this gravel and mounting riding with bike trailer their is all rare suspension is highly recommended because to make safe and smoothly ride over the rough terrains.

Some trailer bit, unfortunately!For this doesn’t have recline seats but D’lite have found this feature recline seats but sometimes the seats don’t go very far back.

Despite all Burley d’lite x is a versatile with all rare suspensions and a nice feature to have.That’s why all parents love this trailer for their kids.

Pros & Cons

  • Best for all Terrains
  • Lots of room for kids & cargo
  • Comfortable seats and larger wheels
  • All suspension
  • Highly versatile
  • Stroller conversions
  • Costly
  • Seats don’t go very far back

Burley D’lite x Summary

Despite all Burley d’lite x is a versatile with all rare suspensions and a nice feature to have.That’s why all parents love this trailer for their infants keeps safe and comfort while riding with all terrains and the love to use for years this Burley d’ lite x.That’s why Burley D’lite is Best overall bike trailer for kids.


( Best Minimalist Bike Trailers For Kids)

Weight: 20 lbs

Seats: Single & Double

Convertible kits: biking and strolling with double versions

THE BURLEY BEE is a high functional and well designed, lightweight and easy to attach to a bike that makes comfort ride with our kids.

It is designed with the burley style and with the high-quality burley name burley bee is minimalist and budget- friendly with a less of a price.

I recommend who really want well at being a trailer that a choose an option and way to go away with it.But there are no attachments for strolling, jogging, ski.

It is high-quality material with single function and minimal padding seats and also no suspension system so they don’t make fully kids comfortable.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Burley quality material
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use hitch 
  • Large cargo space 
  • It is Minimalist.
  • No stroller conversion 

Burley Bee Summary

Despite all this Burley Bee loved by large cargo space for kids. And it is easiest trailer to pull.Therefore, it is the Best Bang for the Buck bike trailer with burley quality loved by all parents for their kids.It is really best bike trailer for kids.

Burley minnow kid trailer

(Best lightweight bike trailer for one kid)

Weight: 20 lbs

Seats: Single

Conversion kit: no stroller

The Burley Minnow is the best lightweight bike trailer for a bike that provides kids with the freedom of riding a bike from a trailer. With a one-seat design, this trailer is easy to get in and out of.

It can be either towed or pushed by one person, and its compact fold flattens for easy storage and transport. Kids will love the fun and excitement of riding around in a trailer that is designed with the safety of their bikes in mind.

Easy to assemble and store, this lightweight trailer can be used with almost any bike.The sturdy, one-seat design ensures your child’s safety on the road.

The compact fold flattens the trailer for easy storage and transportation.This trailer also includes a steel hitch, tow bar, and safety flag.This trailer is great for beginners or those wanting to lose weight off her for easy to pull.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Large cargo
  • Comfort for one kid
  • 5-harness system
  • Easy to fold
  • No stroller conversion

Burley minnow summary

Designed for comfort and safety, this trailer is specifically designed to fit on most two-wheel vehicles. The large cargo area makes it easy to transport items without having to fold up the trailer. The five-point harness system helps keep kids secure, while the passive suspension ensures the rider can experience all the fun without interruption. To help ensure your child’s safety the trailer includes a steel hitch, tow bar, and safety flag.

Burley Design Tail Wagon

(Best overall dog trailer)

Weight Limit: 50 lbs (22.6 kg)

Doggy Door: Yes

Designed for comfort on longer rides, this trailer is constructed of the finest materials for years of service.

The durable frame will not rust or corrode, and the quick-release alloys wheels will hold up over time.

This trailer is compatible with all Burley bikes and features a unique foldable system to reduce storage space when not in use.

Designed with an adjustable backrest and padded armrests, Tail Wagon is an easy-to-use trailer that’s great for hauling pets in comfort.

The durableUV-resistant cover is waterproof and wipes clean for quick and easy cleanup.

With the optional securing tie downs and stroller kit compatible wheels, Tail Wagon is a great option for hauling pets and kids.

Pros & Cons

  • Highest quality of a trusted brand
  • High weight limit
  • Weather resistant
  • Strolling conversion
  • Easy to fold
  • versatile
  • Big

Burley design trail wagon summary

One of the most easy to use and versatile pet trailers on the market, the Tail folds down quickly with a fast-action folding system for transport and storage. Use your Tail Wagon as a stroller with the Stroller Kit. Finally, the Tail Wagon will keep you and your dog safer with its high-visibility fabric, reflective material, and safety flag.

Can all bike trailers attach to disc brakes?

Although it is possible to connect any bike trailer with any style of disc brakes (with the proper adapter), it is critical to be aware that not all manufacturers of bike trailers play nicely with the almighty disc brake.

Burley trailers and thule trailers particularly are notorious for being incompatible with disc brakes.

When you have a thru-axle disc brake device, then i would suggest reconsidering getting a burley or thule bike trailer because of the extra prices of the attachments wished (up to $50–$ninety in overall just for attachments).

Conclusion on attach a burley bike trailer to thru-axle disc brakes

There may be a way to attach any burley bike trailer to any thru-axle bike. It is probably a bit difficult and even overwhelming at first, but as quickly as you can figure out what size thru-axle you want, you’ll recognise exactly where to get the proper adapter the use of the hyperlinks furnished within the above table.

Want help finding the proper bike trailer?

My recommendation trailer for the general public is the scwhinn joyrider, that is an low-priced double-seater that converts fantastically to a stroller. Check out my full review with snap shots right here.

Check out the last guide to buying a bike trailer for more help with choosing a trailer. I additionally have compiled a listing of the pinnacle bike trailers for each common place state of affairs, which you can take a look at out here.

Journey on!

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