Bike Trailer vs Child Seat (3 Reasons Bike Trailers are Better)

There are a host of advantages to using collectively with a child. However what’s the fine and most secure way to do it? This is one of the first questions parents ask whilst thinking about riding collectively with a child or kids.

There are essentially three main options to ride with a child: the front-mount baby seat, the back-mount child seat, and the bike trailer.

I’ve used all 3 techniques for years with my two children due to the fact that they have been children, and that i’ve found out a lot approximately how to ride appropriately and with ease collectively with children.

In this text, we can define 3 important factors to do not forget earlier than determining which choice is right for your own family:

  • Protection
  • Usability
  • Comfort

Bike trailer vs child seat: which is better when riding with a child?

A bike trailer is more safe than a child seat within the event of a crash because it has a protective cage, is decrease to the ground, and has a 5-factor harness. Moreover, it is easier to deal with the bike with bike trailers than with child seats.

To find out if a baby seat or a bike trailer might be better for you, Keep reading!

Three different methods to ride with a child

Here are the three maximum not unusual and safest methods to experience collectively with a child:

Bike trailer vs child seat (3 reasons bike trailers are better)

Driving round japan

Method 1: front-mount child seat

The front-mount seat attaches to the pinnacle tube of the bike and is placed in front of the rider. The child seat normally has a protection pad to rest their head or melt the blow within the occasion of a crash. Front-mount seats are ideal for smaller kids under 3 years vintage.

Pros of front-mount seat

  • Some dad and mom choose the front-mount due to the fact they are capable of have conversations with their child and preserve them engaged.
  • Parents also experience a sense of protection to have them close to their body.

Cons of front-mount seat

  • Front mount baby seat is that your knees will most probably hit the seat whilst pedaling, which makes it uncomfortable and hard to pedal, specifically while pedaling uphill.
  • Similarly, the the front-mount seat does now not provide a whole lot protection to the kid in the event of a crash or your bike falls over.

Method 2: Back-mount child seat

The again-mount seat attaches to the rear of the bike frame, typically around the rear wheel axle and the bike’s seat post. Lower back-mount seats are ideal for children up to 5 years old.

Pros of back-mount child seat

  • Parents who like to have their child on the bike with them however have a huge child revel in the back-mount child seat.
  • It’s is lots simpler to deal with the bike and pedal with than the the front-mount seat.

Cons of back-mount child seat

  • One of the essential drawbacks of the back-mount child seat is the incapability to see your child and speak truly.
  • It’s also more difficult to handle the bike and pedal than using a bike trailer. Much like the the front-mount seat, the back-mount additionally seat does now not provide a great deal safety to the child inside the event of a crash or your bike falls over.

Method 3: The bike trailer

The bike trailer is my encouraged and preferred approach to trip with a infant. After years of riding with two children on my bike the usage of a front and back-mount child seat, i subsequently gave bike trailers a hazard and i used to be right away surprised at how plenty easier it changed into to experience with the children.

Now not most effective does it allow me to effectively trip with growing children, however it also is lots less difficult to address the bike, pedal up hills, and stand out of the saddle.

Bike trailers vs child seat(3 reasons bike trailers are better)

Pros of bike trailers

  • Bike trailers can maintain an outstanding amount of weight, typically as much as one hundred lbs on double-seated trailers.
  • They also provide drastically more protection to the child inside the occasion of a crash.
  • Many bike trailers can be transformed to an extraordinary stroller

Cons of bike trailers

  • Bike trailers are considerably wider than different alternatives, so that you just ought to journey round and get used to it. It’s miles similar to getting to know to power at the same time as towing a trailer.
  • It’s miles greater tough to have conversations or interact with a baby in a bike trailer.
  • If driving close to cars, bike trailers are not as seen. If viable, it’s miles usually higher to keep away from driving close to car, however if it’s unavoidable, you may continually use a flag and flashing lights to assist with visibility.

Three reasons bike trailers are better than car seats

Permit’s dive into the three foremost reasons bike trailers are the first-rate choice of the exclusive methods to ride with a baby.

Safety: bike trailers are safer than child seats

At first glance, it’d appear that the bike-set up child seat is the perfect and most secure manner to experience with a infant due to the reality that they’re kept near you and bike trailers appear cumbersome to drag at the back of your bike. However, bike trailers are far more secure than child seats in the event of a crash.

Within the occasion that your bike crashes or falls over, the crash can have a far lower impact (if any) on the kid who’s enclosed inside the defensive bike trailer.

Bike trailers either come with cage-like safety or a canopy cowl that separates them from any harm. I must point out that i have by no means crashed with the bike trailer or with a child seat, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you if you follow primary safety precautions.

With baby seats, alternatively, if you crash or fall over, your baby will almost without a doubt get hurt. I’ve for my part been in situations in which one in every of my children changed into sitting within the child seat after which it toppled over even as i was seeking to get on. As usually, they wear helmets and were fine.

Usability: bike trailers are less

complicated to deal with than baby seats
With a child seat, it turns into considerably greater hard to journey your bike because the weight of the child is set up on your bike body.

As an instance, it’s far extraordinarily difficult to try to stand up out of the saddle with child seats due to the truth that the load of the child seat will sway from side to side.

In addition, it is more hard to hop on and stale your bike with a infant seat set up to the frame. There is a good risk the bike will topple even as looking to mount the bike.

With bike trailers, you’re able to manage the bike extra easily and pedal out of the saddle (arise), which offers you extensively greater energy for your legs, which you will need when pulling a bike trailer uphill. With child seats, there is not a whole lot room left for your bike to rise up and maneuver the bike, which does not permit for optimised energy from your legs.

The distinction in usability between bike trailers and child seats turns into very apparent while you are hiking small hills or happening lengthy rides. Even though bike trailers are heavier than child seats, the introduced strength this is transferred to your legs with the bike trailer greater than makes up for the delivered weight.

With bike trailers, however, you may freely rise up out of the saddle and take care of the bike as you will any ordinary bike. Inside the occasion that your bike falls over, it’ll no longer have an effect on the bike trailer at all because of the attachment gadget that incorporates the bike trailer.

On top of that, many bike trailers may be re-purposed and converted seamlessly to an top notch stroller or jogger, which makes the bike trailer the winner of the usability contest.

Comfort: bike trailers are more comfortable for the child

At the same time as driving in a child seat, the child has a completely restrained range of motion with their legs and arms. In reality, in the event that they enlarge their legs or palms, they would probably hit you or the bike pedals or spokes, which can be disastrous. The lowest line is that baby seats aren’t very secure for children while taking place longer rides.

Bike trailers, alternatively, are designed with greater indoors space to allow kids amplify their legs, play with toys, or have a snack. Further, bike trailers can maintain up to 2 kids without difficulty.

bike trailer vs child seat (3 reasons to bike trailers are better )

Here, we can discuss here about car seat in the bike trailer is the best way to get around riding with our child. you can read here.

keep reading!

Best bike trailer for child

Here i give you best bike trailer for child that helps to choose right one bike trailer.


(Best Overall Bike Trailer For child)

Bike trailer vs child seat(3 reason bike trailer are better)

Weight: 28 lbs

Seats: Single & double seats

Conversions kits: stroller, jogger, skiing

Burley D’ lite x bike trailer likes by all parents to ride with their children. It is easy to use and comfort for baby with the stroller.    

D’lite x is designed for all types of riding like mountain riding and gravel riding to strolling, Burley D’lite x makes more comfortable ride with infants from the quality features seats with larger wheels and also rare suspension for added more easier and comfort ride with safe gravel and mounting riding.

For this gravel and mounting riding with bike trailer their is all rare suspension is highly recommended because to make safe and smoothly ride over the rough terrains.

Some trailer bit, unfortunately!For this doesn’t have recline seats but D’lite have found this feature recline seats but sometimes the seats don’t go very far back.

Despite all Burley d’lite x is a versatile with all rare suspensions and a nice feature to have.That’s why all parents love this trailer for their infants keeps safe and comfort  while riding with all terrains and the love to use for years this Burley d’ lite x.That’s why Burley D’lite is Best overall bike trailer for child.

Pros & Cons

  • Best for all Terrains
  •  Lots of room for kids & cargo
  • Comfortable seats and larger wheels
  • All suspension
  • Highly versatile
  • Stroller conversions
  • Costly
  • seats don’t go very far back


( Best Bike Trailer For Active families and Best For Basic Multi-sports For child)

Bike trailer vs child seat(3 reason bike trailers are better)

Weight: 27.5 Ibs

Seats: Single & Double

Convertible kits: Strolling, jogging, skiing, Biking

Thule Chariot Lite is a high-quality option trailer with the thule name and Best for active parents who are want to go outside with their little once children with the help of bike trailer.

The Chariot Lite are convinced that the features justify the price, and it is budget friendly compared to the other thule.
I recommend you go to for gravel and mountain riding so it is great option because its larger wheels and suspension features.

But isn’t adjustable and their is minimal padding seats make our ride with our infants comfortable and safe for a long ride with rough terrains.The best trailer for a frequents riders.

Overall, it is a good trailer for Basic multi – sports and it isn’t for a tight budget with the high list of the quality thule. It is versatile with high-end features with quality.

Pros and Cons

  • High quality
  • Comfort on rough terrain
  • Waterproof
  • Two Front wheels
  • Lots of storage
  • Easy to attach to a bike
  • Pricey
  • Heavy 


( Best Minimalist Bike Trailers For Children)

Bike trailer vs child seat (3 reason bike trailers are better)

Weight: 20 lbs

Seats: Single & Double

Convertible kits: biking and strolling with double versions

THE BURLEY BEE is a high functional and well designed, lightweight and easy to attach to a bike that makes comfort ride with our infants.

It is designed with the burley style and with the high-quality burley name burley bee is minimalist and budget friendly with a less of a price.I recommend who really want well at being a trailer that a choose an option and way to go away with it.

But there are no attachments for strolling, jogging, ski. It is high-quality material  with single function and minimal padding seats and also no suspension system so they don’t make fully child comfortable.

Despite all this Burley Bee loved by large cargo space for children. And it is easiest trailer to pull.Therefore, it is the Best Bang for the Buck bike trailer with burley quality loved by all parents for their children.

Pros and Cons

  • Affordable
  • Burley quality material
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use hitch 
  • Large cargo space 
  • It is Minimalist.
  • No stroller conversion 


( Best Value For Bike Trailer for child)

Bike trailer vs child seat (3 reason bike trailers are better)

Weight:28.5 lbs

Seats: Single & Double

Conversion kit: strolling, jogging, ski, Biking

The Schwinn Joyrider is a lot of features for less. It is seated trailer that convert to an excellent stroller.

It is also budget friendly with the high end features with the competitors compared with that high pricey and this trailer that can take a beating.

The Schwinn Joyrider does many of the same thing to compare with the thule name for same than also in the half of the price.

It is wider than other average double seated trailer and it has large cargo space that makes our ride with infants comfort with the gravel riding and mountain riding with a safe.Also make comfort ride with rough terrain with its large wheel and with the help of the protective cage.

Overall it is best value bike trailer for child, and it is convinced that all high end features that is justified with this budget it is versatile with his all features.Thats why families loved this trailer.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Stroller conversions
  • Large space for cargo 
  • Easy to pull
  • Protective cage for infants
  • Heavy
  • Wider


(Best On a Tight Budget Bicycle Trailer for child)

Bike trailers vs child seat(3 reasons bikwe trailers are better)

Weight: 26 lbs

Seat:Single and double 

Conversions kits: Biking, Strolling with double versions

The Allen Sports Steel is a least expensive trailer. Also budget friendly with the other competitors.

The Allen Sports Steel has double seated but their is no conversion for a single and conversions available for double versions.It is easy to pull and attaches to most bicycles that makes child’s ride safe and comfortable.

It has small cargo space that makes not fully comfort with child and have no suspension they put a limit on its lifespan and is best for a bang for the buck bike trailer as good at being a bike trailer.

This trailer is steel construction trailer and including safety flag also that makes great for family minded cyclists.And also is a straight-forward classic trailer.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Compact fold
  • Easy assemble.
  • A tight fit space with cargo
  • No stroller conversions for a single


( Most Comfortable Bike Trailer For child)

Bike trailer vs child seat (3 reasons bike trailers are better )

Weight: 51.1lbs

Seats: Single & Double

Conversions Kits: stroller, jogging, ski, biking

Some parents want their children keeps more comfortable and also all parents concern is safety first of their child for that I would recommend this trailer is Hamax Outback bike trailer is great option for infants.

It has roomy comfort and have convert to an excellent stroller that makes the most comfortable rides with gravel and mountain riding.But the hitch is not well as D’ lite. And its also heaviest trailer.

But it has large space with cargo and reclining seats with all have adjustable suspensions thats makes more safest and easier ride with gravel and mountain riding and also comfort with rough terrains.

It is also with high-end features that is sufficient with his budget to compare with Thule as well as D’Lite. It is similar once.

Hamax Outback is a great option for safety concern and make comfortable ride with our infants and it is versatile with his high-end features and high-quality cushy trailer. Thats why this trailer get loved by parents.

Pros and Cons

  • High quality 
  • Large room for cargo
  • Make comfort and safe.
  • Stroller conversion
  • Good for older
  • Recline seat
  • Pricey
  • Big in length and also in size
  • Heavy


(Best Bang For The Buck Bike Trailer For children)

Bike trailer vs child seat (3 reason bike trailer are better)

Weight:24.5 lbs

Seat: Single & Double

Conversions kits: Biking, stroller with double versions

The Instep Take 2 is a budget friendly bike trailer for infants. For a budget minded families that want with great a tight budget bike trailer.This is one to choose.

It is least expensive With a double seated that is lightweight.Large space for cargo to make our child more comfort and safe with the trailer.

It has no stroller conversions with a single version and double versions have comes with the stroller.There is lack of suspensions but easy to pull and lightweight that makes more comfort and easy ride with our children while biking with family.

Despite all it is some similar with Allen.There is large cargo space and wide passenger seat makes us a great option for occasional riders and passenger with the tightest budget.That why it is most liked and loved by parents.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Double and single seat
  • Acceptable quality
  • Stroller conversions with double versions
  • Large cargo space
  • Lightweight
  • Lower quality
  • No stroller conversion with a single version

My Recommended Child Bike Seats

Affordable and strong, i recommend getting the subsequent child bike seats for all of us seeking out a seat to experience together along with your child. I’ve been the use of those seats for more than 6 years for each of my youngsters and they’re still preserving up brilliant.

Recommended Front Child Seat: Wee Ride

Bike trailer vs child seat(3 reason bike trailer are better)

Recommended Rear Child Seat: Schwinn Deluxe

Bike trailer vs child seat (3 reason bike trailer are better)

Conclusion on bike trailers vs child seat

Thinking about the 3 essential elements seated above, bike trailers are the clear winners for safety, comfort, and usability. I completely understand the choice to apply a bike-mount child seat.

I used them for years in the united states and in japan, but after falling over some too many times (no accidents), i decided to make bike trailers our own family’s weapon of preference–and that i’m happy i did! bike trailers are just extra fun and easier for all of us concerned, mainly for growing kids.

My recommendation trailer for the general public is the scwhinn joyriderthat is an low-priced double-seater that converts fantastically to a stroller. Check out my full review with snap shots right here.

Check out the last guide to buying a bike trailer for more help with choosing a trailer. I additionally have compiled a listing of the pinnacle bike trailers for each common place state of affairs, which you can take a look at out here.

Journey on!

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