Best Double-Seat Bike Trailer & Stroller: Schwinn Joyrider Review

The schwinn joyrider double bike trailer is an eye fixed-catcher. looks as if a stroller from the future with its sci-fi appearance and huge defensive cage that protects your great cargo.

I’ve been the usage of the joyrider as our own family’s go-to bike trailer for over 4 years now. We adore its comfort, consolation, excessive-quit capabilities, and stroller conversion considering a killer price.

But there are some matters that i don’t specially like about it.

This is a complete evaluation of the schwinn joyrider double bike trailer. Maintain riding to find out if this is the trailer for you!

What makes the schwinn joyrider the best double bike trailer?

The schwinn joyrider bike trailer is best for budget-minded households looking for a sturdy double-seated bike trailer that also converts to an high-quality stroller. The joyrider is an cheap double-seater with excessive-end satisfactory and converts without problems to a comfort stroller. In case you’re looking for a long lasting double-seat trailer/ stroller on a budget, then the joyrider is extraordinarily endorsed.


  • Low cost rate for a double-seater
  • Bike trailer and stroller
  • Sturdy shielding cage
  • Adequate space for cargo
  • Huge wheels for a smooth experience


  • Extensive frame could make it difficult to fit thru some doors
  • Large layout could make it tough to keep
  • Maintain reading to find out the entirety you need to recognise about the schwinn joyrider.

In this article, we can cover a few important elements to keep in mind whilst purchasing any bike trailer. They are:

  • price
  • design
  • Weight limit
  • Comfort
  • Attaching to a bike
  • (plus three things i don’t like)

Affordable: excessive-quit capabilities for an entry-level price

For a double-seater trailer with the sturdiness and best of a high-quit model, the schwinn joyrider turned into a no-brainer for us. For just round $350–$480 (check fee), what you get is properly well worth the cash. Commonly, a bike trailer at that rate variety or much less usually doesn’t convert to a stroller or can simplest keep a kid.

Right here’s a short assessment with other best bike trailers in a similar price variety or with similar capabilities:

Best Double-Seat Bike Trailer & Stroller: Schwinn Joyrider Review

Design: secure, long lasting, and secure

Permit’s speak approximately that cage!
I will’t count the wide variety of instances humans have stopped us on the road even as we had been the usage of the joyrider as a stroller just to ask in which we were given it or simply to stare in awe at a stroller from the destiny.

Children mainly get a kick out of it. One time a small boy simply pointed and laughed hysterically.

Other than looking cool, the design of this trailer is absolutely very realistic.

It has a huge cocoon-like cage that covers the seats. I name it a “cage” as opposed to a “canopy” truly because it feels more like a cage, with the ones solid metallic bars that cross across the the front.

The sturdiness of the cage gives me comfort that my kids might be safety inside the not likely occasion of a crash or the trailer rolls over (which has never came about).

Big 20-inch wheels

The wheels are honestly what make the joyrider a pleasure to ride: it’s an exceptional stroller! I confess that i’ve in all likelihood used this component greater for strolling than for cycling, just due to the fact i surely love how the stroller maneuvers with its massive wheels.

In case you’re planning to apply your bike trailer as a stroller, in addition to a bike trailer, then the joyrider is a stable preference.

The trailer uses a safety latch system to without problems remove the wheels whilst putting into the trunk of a vehicle.

How heavy is it?

Schwinn’s product description states that the joyrider weighs forty lbs, that’s on the better quit of bike trailer weights. For comparison, the thule chariot lite weighs 28 lbs (that’s probably why it prices nearly $1,000).

Individually, i did now not even be aware that it was considerably heavier than other bike trailers until i attempted out others and in reality compared the burden.

However, i do believe that the greater weight is justified due to the massive safety cage and wide layout.

How much weight can it hold?

Any other motive that makes the joyrider stand out from the rest is its extensively-excessive weight limit. It can preserve an excellent a 100 lbs. It has no problem retaining kids simply. In addition, the more indoors room that this trailer gives makes it perfect for growing kids. The joyrider can theoretically hold children until they are 7 or 8 year old, which makes it a remarkable investment.

Best Double-Seat Bike Trailer & Stroller: Schwinn Joyrider Review

Is it comfortable for the children?

There’s an ongoing comic story within the bike trailers community that kids almost continually fall asleep within the bike trailer—and there’s an amazing cause for that. They’re wonderful enjoyable for children!

The joyrider especially has a bench-fashion seat that holds children, in preference to the hammock-fashion seat that includes many trailers. The bench-style seat that incorporates this trailer is strong and gives the kids extra room to be comfort with out rubbing towards each different.

Similarly, the joyrider is slightly wider than common double-seat bike trailers, which gives children a bit extra room.

In short, it’s comfy. Don’t be amazed if your children falls rapid asleep whenever you hit the outdoors! I absolutely used the bike trailer as a sound asleep mechanism whilst my son become 2.

Attaching the trailer and stroller conversion

The joyrider bike trailer comes already assembled out of the container, so all you have to do is hitch it to a bike and get going.

Whilst the usage of as a bike trailer:

  • Connect the coupler to your bike’s rear wheel
  • Turn the hitch arm ahead
  • Connect the hitch arm to the coupler the use of the safety pin
  • Hit the road!

Whilst using as a stroller:

  • Make certain the hitch arm is flipped to the rear
  • Attach the furnished front wheel to the trailer
  • Alter the handlebar top in your liking
  • Now you’ve got a stroller!

Some types of Bikes aren’t like compatible out of the container. If you’re not sure if your bike is compatible, test out this post.

Best Double-Seat Bike Trailer & Stroller: Schwinn Joyrider Review

Drawbacks of the schwinn joyrider

There are three foremost drawbacks to the joyrider that have sometimes been an inconvenience. All three revolve around the magnificent length of the trailer. However, the joyrider is still my top pick for a finances double-seated bike trailer.

1.It’s extensive and once in a while doesn’t in shape through doors

All bike trailers are extensive, mainly double-seaters. The joyrider is slightly wider than different bike trailers, which could emerge as an problem if you are the usage of it as a stroller internal homes, inclusive of museums or leisure parks.

I’ve every now and then now not been able to fit it through the door on the museum or neighborhood keep. In the ones instances, i simply fold it up and match it thru.

It’s a hassle, however to me, it’s nonetheless really worth the benefit that incorporates the extraordinary-easy stroller.

To be honest to schwinn, all bike trailers are huge and will purpose problems whilst taking walks around indoors.

2.Storing within the car trunk is a hassle

I’ve a toyota prius, so the trailer doesn’t absolutely fit inside the trunk when folded up. Happily, the wheels come off without problems sufficient with the push of the safety latch.

When you have a sedan or car with a smaller trunk than a prius, then you will without a doubt want to take the wheels off. When you have an suv or minivan, you’re in good fortune 🙂.

3.It’s heavy

The joyrider is one of the heaviest fashions in its charge variety (40 lbs). There are a few times wherein the weight of the trailer must be considered.

As an instance, if you plan to do a variety of hill climbs or long-distance driving (greater than 10 miles), then you can cross for a greater steeply-priced light-weight double-seater, like the thule chariot lite (costly) or the burley bee (no stroller conversion).

But without a doubt, the weight of the trailer has in no way been an issue for me, so if you’re just making plans on occasional recreational rides on bike paths, then the joyrider is a superbly appropriate trailer.

No matter the burden, the joyrider remains my desire of bike trailer to take my kids around.

Right here are my recommended top lightweight bike trailers.

Right here are 7 tips to make pulling a bike trailer easier.

However what do other dad and mom say approximately the joyrider?

Earlier than i purchased this bike trailer, i made positive to comb via all the maximum helpful remarks on amazon in order that i could make an informed decision.

Right here’s what most users say:

Pros from clients

  • “the schwinn joyrider become very easy to installation and required little tools.”
  • “bench seat and cushion, it is very relaxed for my women.”
  • “even as it’s miles exquisite as a bike trailer. We like it as a double stroller.”
  • “constructed very well and our girls adore it.”
  • 20-inch spoked informed decision.”
  • “the kids find it irresistible due to the fact they have room to carry toys and play.”

Cons from clients

  • A few forms of bikes need a coupler adapter
  • “that stroller is best for that motive but the component is heavy. It’s heavy to percent up within the car, it’s heavy to push, it’s just a beast. Now, i’m no longer pronouncing the schwinn trailer is light as a feather, it virtually isn’t, however because of the massive bike tires at the returned, pushing this stroller is a breeze.”
  • “my one and simplest criticism about this trailer/stroller is the lack of sun safety.”
  • “i had to fold it up to get it through the front door to my residence. Because of its length, it’s a bit heavy.”
Best Double-Seat Bike Trailer & Stroller: Schwinn Joyrider Review


The quality way to get the maximum out of the schwinn joyrider is to use it frequently exterior on paved bike paths. In case you take it for a spin simply a couple of times per week, you will quick get used to the load and feel of this bike trailer.

Except you’re up for a bodily venture, i endorse staying on paved bike paths that are pretty flat. The greater hills you have to climb, the faster you will feel the greater weight of the bike trailer at the back of you. On smooth paths, on the other hand, you may slightly even note the bike trailer. Simply don’t neglect it’s there!

Ordinary, the schwinn joyrider is especially encouraged for families like mine, where we need nice and capability with out breaking the bank.

Want assist locating the right bike trailer?

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Trip on!

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