Bike Trailer Coupler Attachments: What Is It & Where Can I Get One?

Bike trailer couplers are critical to operation of a bike trailer.

However what does it do precisely and where can you could the right one for your trailer?

Perhaps you don’t have the coupler that came with the bike trailer. Or maybe your specific trailer isn’t always well suited along with your bike.

No matter the reason, here are the quality couplers to be had for each of the foremost bike trailer brands, inclusive of schwinn, instep, thule, and burley.

Bike Trailer Coupler Attachments: What Is It & Where Can I Get One?

A bike trailer coupler is a small attachment that connects the rear wheel of the bike to the hitch arm of the bike trailer. The coupler securely attaches the bike trailer the use of a security pin, which allows you to quick attach and detach the bike trailer.

There are some reasons you can need a new coupler:

  • Your coupler broke
  • You want one for any other bike
  • Or you purchased a used bike trailer that did no longer include one

It may be a trouble to exit and get a new coupler, so beneath you can locate some on amazon for under $15 so one can supply right to your door.

How do bike trailers attach?

bike trailers either attach to the axle of the rear wheel or on your bike’s seat publish.

In most cases, you’ll be able to effortlessly attach your new bike trailer right out of the box, with all add-ons covered. Specially, if your bike’s rear wheel has a wellknown brief-launch (skewer that goes thru the middle of the wheel), then most trailers will attach easily on your bike.

A few kinds of bikes, however, may additionally require a easy adapter for you to attach the trailer. Commonly, bikes that have through-axle wheels or hooded-fashion dropouts might also require an adapter.

When you have disc brakes in your bike, make sure to examine this newsletter on attaching to disc brakes.

Can you diy a bike trailer coupler?

Except you are an extremely skilled welder, it’s far strongly recommended to simply spend $10-$15 to get a new coupler. It’s worth the investment!

Although not encouraged, it’s miles possible to connect a bike trailer with out a coupler, however most effective in case you are a quite-skilled welder. A few people that choose to diy their coupler attachment

How to attach a coupler to a bike right

here are the basic steps to attach coupler to a bike:

1.Take away the fast-release from the middle of the rear wheel. If you have a bolted wheel, then use a wrench to put off the nut from the wheel.

2.Area the coupler and accompanying washer onto the axle of the wheel. In maximum cases, the coupler goes on the left-hand aspect of the rear wheel.

3.Re-attach the short-release nut over the coupler and tighten until at ease.

4.You’re now equipped to connect your bike trailer the usage of the safety pin supplied with the coupler attachment.

I wrote a detailed article on the way to attach a bike trailer to any bike, which you may discover right here.

Bike Trailer Coupler Attachments: What Is It & Where Can I Get One?

3 different types of couplers

Choosing the right coupler is straight-forward. There are most effective three primary forms of coupler attachments. The kind you want definitely relies upon at the emblem of your bike trailer.

Coupler for schwinn or instep

At just underneath $15, this preferred attachment is well suited with all schwinn and instep bike trailers.

Burley metallic hitch

At simply $10, the metallic hitch is a strong steel coupler computable with any burley bike trailers.

Thule hitch cup

Thule is a excessive-stop bike trailer producer that gives excessive-price ticket items. Therefore, the attachments and accessories are regularly high-priced as properly. At around $50, the thule hitch cup is the available alternative for thule proprietors.

In case you’re no longer sure what form of coupler attachment your bike trailer requires, just take a look at the person manual that came with the trailer or at the product description page.

3 top-rated bike trailer couplers under $15

Those coupler attachments all have over 4.1 star scores on amazon and are underneath $15. Buying a coupler simply isn’t an highly-priced investment if it gives you get entry to to a running bike trailer!

Coupler for instep and schwinn bike trailers

Well matched with: schwinn and instep bike trailers

Schwinn and instep made updates to their bike trailers after november 2016 that use this more newer fashion of coupler attachment. Most substantially, this coupler will match a thru-axle bike.

Odier metal hitch for burley bike trailers

Well matched with: burley bike trailers

Thule bike trailer ezhitch with quick launch

Like minded with: thule bike trailers

Potential issues with disc brakes

Maximum bike trailer couplers are well matched with disc brake bikes right out of the container, except you have got a 12mm thru-axle. Mainly, burley and thule bike trailers might also require you to purchase an extra attachment so one can adapt the bike trailer hitch to work with a 12mm thru-axle.

Even though it is possible to attach any bike trailer coupler with any style of disc brakes (with the right adapter), it is crucial to observe that no longer all brands of bike trailers play properly with the almighty disc brake.

Burley trailers and thule trailers particularly are infamous for being incompatible with disc brakes.

If you have disc brakes, you need to read this guide on disc brakes and bike trailers.

What is the  most compatible bike trailer brand?

Bike Trailer Coupler Attachments: What Is It & Where Can I Get One?

Schwinn and instep bike trailers are the most like minded and problem-unfastened on the subject of attaching to any type of bike. I have attached my schwinn trailers to a cruiser, a mountain bike, a road bike, and a hybrid bike with none want to shop for additional attachments.

But, they’re now not totally “popular” as their product descriptions claim to be. That means, they may be regular in that they could connect to all styles of bikes (disc brakes, short-release, and many others.), but they can not attach to all manufacturers of bike trailers.

Regrettably, no one has found out how to make a sincerely regularly occurring coupler attachment device, but schwinn is getting pretty near! They made a big improve to their coupler gadget in 2016 that even works with thru-axle disc brake bikes.

Schwinn and instep bike trailers are below the identical organization, so that they use the precise equal coupler attachment  device.

What is the least compatible bike trailer brand?

Bike Trailer Coupler Attachments: What Is It & Where Can I Get One?

I have attached every primary bike trailer brand to many one-of-a-kind styles of bikes, together with a cruiser, mountain bike, hybrid bike, disc brake bike, and a road bike.

From my experience, the least compatible bike trailer brand to my exclusive bikes is thule.

It’s a near tie between thule and burley, however thule bike trailers are specially difficult to attach when you have a thru-axle disc brake bike.

Right here are reasons thule trailers are the least like minded:

1.The coupler hollow on thule trailers doesn’t match a thru-axle

Different coupler systems at the least have a large enough hole to in shape a 12mm thru-axle so that you can see if it will suit your bike, however thule’s coupler doesn’t even have a huge enough hollow to even try it.

As soon as i got my thule chariot pass, i was right away defeated thru the fact that i had to spend some other $60 on an adapter.

For this type of excessive-quit bike trailer producer, i’d wish that thule can at least produce a coupler which could deliver disc brake bikes a hazard by way of making a larger hollow. Even schwinn made a large coupler, and that they’re no longer nearly as high-end as thule is.

2.Thule trailers do now not include adapters

I understand it may look like a stretch to ask a employer to provide a thru-axle adapter to their customers. But with a high charge tag of over dollars a thousand for a number of its bike trailers, i don’t suppose  it’s unrealistic to provide the adapter within the container while a patron orders the product.

Of path, there are many forms of thru-axle sizes, in order to offer the appropriate adapter relying on the kind of bike the consumer has. For a high-stop business enterprise like thule, i don’t suppose it’s unreasonable. It simply looks like double-dipping to invite customers to buy a $60 adapter simply to attach the trailer to a bike.

The good information approximately thule is that they do offer greater variations of thru-axle adapters than any other agency, which you can check out in this put up.


If you’re thinking to simply make do with out getting a brand new coupler or make your personal, don’t do it!

Couplers are reasonably-priced and designed to make sure protection and safety at the same time as pulling the bike trailer. They’re simply one of those stuff you want so as to pull a bike trailer nicely, however from time to time they wreck or get misplaced.

I recognize, it’s a problem to get a brand new one, but for simply $10–$15, it’s well worth the investment to experience the achievement of pulling a bike trailer and treasured cargo with your own two legs.

Want help finding the right bike trailer?

If you want assist locating the right bike trailer for you, My endorsed trailer for the majority is the scwhinn joyrider, that is an low priced double-seater that converts beautifully to a stroller. Test out my full evaluate with pics here.

Test out the remaining manual to shopping for a bike trailer for extra assist with deciding on a trailer. I also have compiled a listing of the top bike trailers for each common state of affairs, which you may check out right here.

Trip on!

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