Thule Bike Trailer Coupler Attachment (Where to Get One)

So you’ve damaged, lost, or misplaced the hitch coupler attachment on your thule bike trailer… bummer!

Regardless of the motive, getting a new hitch attachment may be a hassle. However agree with me, as soon as you get your bike trailer up and going for walks again, you’ll be so satisfied you went through the trouble.

Right here’s everything you need to realise about what the thule bike trailer coupler is and wherein you could get one.

What Is a Thule Bike Trailer Coupler Attachment? (Where to Get One)

What is a Thule bike trailer coupler attachment?

The thule axle mount ezhitch cup is an essential small attachment that connects the rear wheel of your bike to the hitch arm of a thule bike trailer.The thule coupler attachment can be surely sold on amazon for around $50.

If you’re wondering if it’s viable to tug a bike trailer without the hitch attachment, then hold studying!

Will a generic coupler attachment work on a Thule bike trailer?

As noted above, thule bike trailers have a completely unique systematic way of attaching to the bike. Consequently, widespread coupler attachments for other brands will no longer work on a thule bike trailer.

Am i able to pull a bike trailer without the coupler attachment?

A few riders do attempt to make their very own coupler to attach to their bike out of a preference to do it themselves (diy) and save a bit of cash.

Until you are an extremely skilled welder, it’s far strongly endorsed to just spend $50 to get a brand new coupler. It’s really worth the funding!

How do hitch couplers connect to the bike?

The hitch coupler securely attaches the bike trailer the use of a security pin, which permits you to fast attach and detach the bike trailer.

Because the coupler is designed to keep the bike trailer from detaching whilst driving, it is definitely essential to have a coupler attachment whilst pulling a bike trailer.

Most bike trailers attach at the axle of the rear wheel of your bike, and a few trailers connect to the seat put up of the bike.

What Is a Thule Bike Trailer Coupler Attachment? (Where to Get One)

In most cases, you’ll be capable of effortlessly attach your new bike trailer right out of the container, with all add-ons protected. Mainly, in case your bike’s rear wheel has a popular short-release (skewer that is going thru the center of the wheel), then maximum trailers will connect without difficulty on your bike.

Some sorts of bikes, however, may also require a simple adapter which will connect the trailer. Typically, bikes that have thru-axle wheels or hooded-style dropouts may additionally require an adapter.

When you have disc brakes for your bike, sure to read this article on attaching to disc brake.

How to attach a coupler to a bike

Right here are the fundamental steps to attach a coupler to a bike:

  • Dispose of the quick-release from the middle of the rear wheel. When you have a bolted wheel, then use a wrench to take away the nut from the wheel.
  • Vicinity the coupler and accompanying washing machine onto the axle of the wheel. In maximum instances, the coupler goes at the left-hand side of the rear wheel.
  • Re-attach the quick-launch nut over the coupler and tighten until cozy.
  • You’re now equipped to attach your bike trailer using the security pin supplied with the coupler attachment.

I wrote a detailed article on how to attach a bike trailer to any bike, which you could discover right here.

Why is the Thule attachment more expensive than other brands?

Thule is a high-stop bike trailer emblem that makes use of extremely good materials and technology to make certain protection and comfort.

The thule hitch attachment is greater high priced than standard coupler attachments for other brands due to the fact thule uses a hitching machine that is particular to their logo and exceptional. That offers thule a variety of leverage to justify a better rate point for their accessories.

here i give you some best thule bike trailer.

keep reading!

Top 4 Best thule’s trailer

Here i give top 4 thule bike trailer suggest for attach a bike trailer to thru-axle disc brakes and this trailers are affordable and all trailer are high quality obviously because they are burley’s named trailers! We give full summary also with their pros and cons.


(Best lightweight bike trailer for kids with a budget friendly)

Seat: Single & Double

Convertible Kits: Biking

Thule cadence is a foldable bike trailer that is easy to use and ideal for a whole range of activities. The height and width allow the trailer to ride on standard size vehicles, making it perfect for a family trip to the beach or taking kids on a roadtrip.

For transporting cargo for long distance. The EZ Hitch system provides secure attachment to bike using Thule’s patented ezHitch system. The weight of the trailer is just 5.5 pounds and will seat two children comfortably.

This trailer comes with a bicycle trailer kit which includes a second bike lock, hitch pin, and other essential accessories.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Double seats
  • Thule quality
  • Easy to fold
  • Large cargo space
  • Lightweight
  • No stroller conversion

Thule cadence summary

It is with thule quality trailer and its budget friendly with high-end features, lightweight, easy to pull, large cargo space thats makes our two kids fully safe and comfortable while a ride in the bike trailers.


(Best affordable bike trailer for kids with thule trailer)

Seat: Single & double

Conversion kit: Biking

The Coaster XT Boondocker Trailer is a handy, sturdy and versatile trailer for both children and adults. Its durable design is fully functional with a rear trailer hitch that provides a secure attachment to bike racks.

When used with the rear bike rack attachment it also provides extra storage space for hauling around cargo. Its sturdy design is fully functional with a rear trailer hitch that provides a secure attachment to bike racks.

The Coaster XT has more than enough space for storing and carrying more than just bikes and it comfortably seats two children and has an extra storage space for hauling around cargo.

It has an adjustable handlebar which means you can adjust the height to suit your height and arm length, so you won’t have to move your hands as you ride or stroll.

It also has an on-board storage of strolling wheel when used as a bike trailer. It is also best bike trailer for kids.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Strolling wheels
  • Thule quality
  • No suspension
  • A light fit for older and tall kid

Thule Coaster XT Summary

The Thule Coaster XT is a lightweight and easy to use trailer. The design allows for quick and simple conversion from bikes to strollers. The trailer offers a secure attachment to your bike and offers storage for the stroller. A comfortable seating area for two children and additional cargo space for holding items such as snacks or toys lets you carry more than just your child in this convenient trailer. A durable frame with an adjustable handlebar is there when you need it most.


(Best Bike Trailer For Active families and Best For Basic Multi-sports For Kids)

Seats: Single & Double

Convertible kits: Strolling, jogging, skiing, Biking

Thule Chariot Lite is a high-quality option trailer with the thule name and Best for active parents who are want to go outside with their little once kids with the help of bike trailer.

The Chariot Lite are convinced that the features justify the price, and it is budget friendly compared to the other thule.

I recommend you go to for gravel and mountain riding so it is great option because its larger wheels and suspension features.

But isn’t adjustable and their is minimal padding seats make our ride with our infants comfortable and safe for a long ride with rough terrains.The best trailer for a frequents riders.

Pros & Cons

  • High quality
  • Comfort on rough terrain
  • Waterproof
  • Two Front
  • Lots of storage
  • Easy to attach to a bike
  • Pricey
  • Heavy

Thule Chariot Lite Summary

Overall, it is a good trailer for Basic multi – sports and it isn’t for a tight budget with the high list of the quality thule. It is versatile with high-end features with quality. Comfortable and safe for a long ride with rough terrains.The best trailer for a frequents riders.


(All-round-option bike trailer for kids)

Seat: Single & double

Conversion Kits: stroller, jogger, biking, skii.

Developed for active families, the Chariot Cross gives you all the benefits of a stroller, jogger, bike trailer and ski pulk in one.

The durable aluminum frame is lightweight and This versatile stroller combines two essential functions into one space-saving design. Bikes, joggers and strollers are all put together into one simple-to-use system. This stroller has an adjustable seat so your child is comfortable at all times.

The front wheel comes with a ski-pulk so you can easily ride through the snow. With a lightweight frame, this stroller is perfect for active families.

The front wheel comes with a ski-pulk so you can easily ride through the snow. With a lightweight frame, this stroller is perfect for active families. This sleek stroller has an automatic brake that stops it when it locks in place, making it ideal for parents who are on the move.

Quickly adjust your child’s seat with the one-handed recline feature. An automatic lock keeps your bike or jogger secure while you run errands or on vacation.

The adjustable straps make it easy to carry your child with you. Storing everything is also convenient. It is all round bike trailer ever for kids.

Pros & Cons

  • High quality
  • All suspension
  • Five point harness
  • Plenty of space
  • Fold for easy storage
  • Waterproof
  • Cost
  • Not space for older kids as a few other trailers

Thule Chariot Cross Summary

The ultimate in multi-tasking vehicle for active families. The Chariot Cross’s unique design allows parents to carry on with their day while bringing along their children safely and securely. The stroller can fit up to 3 kids, the wheelchair can fit up to 4, and the bike trailer can hold up to two bikes. So, whether you’re travelling through the city, on holiday, or for sporting activities, the Chariot Cross will keep your family happy and healthy.


If spending $50 on a touch attachment means you get to have endless a laugh exterior along with your bike trailer, then i’d say it’s completely well worth the investment. As soon as you buy one and get it in the mail, you’ll be satisfied you went through the small hassle!

If you’re thinking to simply make do without getting a new coupler or make your own, don’t do it! The attachment is incredibly cheap and designed to make certain protection and safety at the same time as pulling the bike trailer.

They’re just one of these things you need in order to drag a bike trailer nicely, but sometimes they destroy or get misplaced.

I know, it’s a trouble to get a brand new one, but for $50 it’s well worth the funding to revel in the success of pulling a motorbike trailer and precious shipment with your own two legs.

Want help finding the proper bike trailer?

My recommendation trailer for the general public is the scwhinn joyrider, that is an low-priced double-seater that converts fantastically to a stroller. Check out my full review with snap shots right here.

Check out the last guide to buying a bike trailer for more help with choosing a trailer. I additionally have compiled a listing of the pinnacle bike trailers for each common place state of affairs, which you can take a look at out here.

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