The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

So you’re considering getting a bike trailer—contrats!

This guide is the remaining useful resource with a view to give you the whole thing you want to know approximately buy the right bike trailer, whether you’re searching out a finances option, want to shop for used, have a couple of child, seeking out a stroller conversion, or just searching out the best trailer for your unique state of affairs.

I’ve attached each important bike trailer brand to many one-of-a-kind forms of bikes, inclusive of a cruiser, hybrid bike, mountain bike, road bike, and disc brake bike. This guide covers everything i’ve discovered approximately buying bike trailers.

My recommended for the most people: schwinn joyrider

My encouraged trailer for most people is the schwinn joyrider, that’s an cheap double-seater that converts superbly to a stroller.

In a similar fashion to the famous wirecutter evaluations, under you will additionally locate the various bike trailers that we’ve in my view bought, examined, and reviewed to make it clean for you.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

What’s the best bike trailer?

An best bike trailer expenses from $300 to $1000 and has a weight ability of at the least 75 lbs (34 kg). There are trailers with single or double seats, trailers that convert to a stroller, trailers which might be lightweight, trailers which have large wheels, and even trailers which have suspension.

I’m here to make this smooth for you!

Regardless of what you is probably seeking out, this guide is an up-to-date guide with the modern from the bike trailer industry. Under i’ve also outlined the top guidelines for the most common conditions, with rate and affordability being an crucial attention.

To begin, ask yourself those useful questions:

  • In which do you intend to journey with the bike trailer?
  • Do you propose to apply it as a stroller as well?
  • What’s your budget?
The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

What is a bike trailer and how do people use them?

A bike trailer is a trailer used for activity or transportation that attaches to the axle of a bike’s rear wheel the usage of a hitch arm and attachment device.

Bike trailers are distinguishable by a few key capabilities:

  • Single or double seats: all bike trailers have seats with a harness to strap inside the infant. Trailers either have single-seat or double-seat capacity.
  • Larger wheels: the wheels are particularly large (16 to twenty inches) to decorate the comfort of the experience.
  • Defensive Cover: the massive protective canopy covers the bike trailer frame and maintains the kid enclosed.
  • Stroller conversion: in a few models, bike trailers can convert to a functioning stroller for introduced comfort and usefulness.
The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

Different kinds of bike trailers

There are many kinds of bike trailers available to especially cater to the form of using you plan to do. Every situation requires a one-of-a-kind form of bike trailer in a different rate variety.

For instance, a family that just plans on occasional outings on paved bike paths likely doesn’t need to swing for a $1,000 thule chariot move. They might do simply quality with a $300 burley bee (good trailer) or a $490 schwinn joyrider (stroller/trailer).

On this phase, we’ll cover five important sorts of riding you can do with a bike trailer.

Driving with one baby or two kid

If you will be driving with one toddler, then one of the options noted inside the listing beneath would fit your needs. Single-seat trailers are extra light-weight, narrower, and generally cheaper.

To journey with kids, a double-seat bike trailer might be required. Double seaters have more indoors space and are heavier, wider, and simply exceptional fun for 2 siblings (or friends).

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

Riding with a dog

In case you love cycling however want you may take dog with you, then a bike trailer is probably the appropriate solution. bike trailers are a healthy and secure manner to get round with a dog (and i’m sure he wouldn’t thoughts either!).

But there are some crucial matters to keep in mind before driving with your bud in a bike trailer, and regularly it takes time for a dog to agree with the trailer enough to feel relaxed driving it.

If a dog is slowly added to riding in a bike trailer, then it’s miles perfectly safe for a dog to ride with you.

It normally takes days or sometimes some weeks for a dog to trust the bike trailer enough to experience using in a single, so make sure to take the appropriate quantity of time to slowly introduce the trailer.

It’s far advocated to acclimate your canine slowly by means of filling it with your dog’s preferred matters earlier than you begin riding collectively.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

3.Riding with cargo (groceries)

If the concept of changing driving with cycling receives you excited, then getting your groceries with a bike trailer is a extremely good region to start.

Bike trailers are spacious and can preserve an outstanding amount of weight (up to 40–100 lbs), which is why they’re perfect for doing your normal grocery buying. In spite of a toddler in the trailer, there’s still area to maintain groceries.

Even in case you don’t have a infant and just want to use the trailer for buying, i would nevertheless endorse a baby trailer because of its spacious interiors and low priced prices.

You may get any of my encouraged trailers listed under. Or, in case you’re simply seeking out an low cost trailer that gets the job executed at a very good charge point, you may go with the schwinn trailblazer for around $136.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

4. Riding on rough terrain

The rougher terrain you intend to ride on, the extra expensive the trailer can be.

For smooth paths and sidewalks, any bike trailer will manage just quality. For mountainous or gravel terrain, it’s miles advocated to get a trailer that has suspension for delivered consolation to the kid.

In addition, large 20-inch wheels will provide a smoother experience, instead of sixteen-inch wheels.

In case you’re a circle of relatives looking for an all-terrain trailer to use in all climates and conditions, the thule chariot lite or the burley d’lite x are the the most effective options for all-terrain using.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

5. Driving up hills & long distances

The common bike trailer weighs from 20 to 40 lbs (or 9 to 18 kg), depending on the seating capacity and design of the trailer. Factoring in the weight of a baby and cargo, the whole weight being pulled degrees from forty to 100 lbs (or 18 to 45 kg).

In case you plan to do longer rides that entail hills and masses of forestall-and-cross riding, then the load of the trailer might be a big attention. A terrific-first-rate lightweight trailer is usually recommended in such instances.

However don’t allow the weight of the trailer intimidate you!

Maximum riders find that it quickly turns into less complicated and less difficult to pull the bike trailer as your legs get more potent and you get used to managing the trailer. But, you may note the greater weight most significantly while riding up hills and protecting long distances (more than 5 miles). In case you’re looking ahead to that you will be doing hill climbs and long rides, then a light-weight bike trailer could be a very good attention.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

What to look for in a bike trailer

Here are 5 essential matters to search for while buying a bike trailer:

Price & affordability

Value is the maximum critical aspect for many people. Bike trailers can fee from $100 to $1,000 and anywhere in among, that’s rather complicated at the beginning.

Aren’t all bike trailers the same greater or much less? Nope, no longer all trailers are created identical.

The value of a bike trailer varies relying on numerous elements, such as protection capabilities, body materials, seat ability (single or double), and stroller conversion abilities.

If you’re new to bike trailers and simply want to get started, it might be tempting to head for a $100 price range bike trailer. And that is probably the quality alternative for you, but your finances and the way you propose to apply the trailer will benefit more with the aid of spending $300–$490 for an entry-stage bike trailer.

As you climb the fee ladder, you get better features and first-rate.

For a budget trailer, you typically gained’t get a stroller conversion package, and also you get lower-great covers that are cumbersome to do away with, in addition to smaller wheels.

For an access-degree trailer, you’ll find stroller conversion and a canopy cover with higher protection features.

For a mid-range trailer, you start to see very quality materials and sturdiness for an affordable rate, in addition to stroller conversion and strong safety capabilities.

And at the best-give up, you get the bells and whistles, with suspension on the trailer for rough terrains, closing comfort, and unprecedented first-class.

2.Weight limit

Bike trailers can preserve an impressive quantity of weight, which makes them one of the most desirable methods to get around with a baby or puppy. Specifically while driving with a child in a bike trailer, it is vital that the bike trailer has a weight potential excessive enough to securely preserve the kid.

Depending on the durability and brand of the bike trailer, they can hold from forty lbs at the lower end to 150 lbs on the very best end. Double-seated bike trailers are designed to carry greater weight, so they will be finest for growing families.

For a child to trip in a motorcycle trailer pulled by using an grownup, the industry-extensive advice is to wait till the kid is as a minimum 12 months.

Although every child develops at a exceptional rate, it’s miles recommended that a kids be capable of sit down upright on their own even as wearing a bicycle helmet. This ensures that the kid has enough frame power to revel in a journey inside the bike trailer without bouncing back and forth too much.

Regardless, it is normally endorsed to now not experience aggressively on rough roads or at speeds above 10 mph (or sixteen kph).

With that stated, there are some cyclists who start bringing their kid along for the ride at round 6 months old or in advance! Depending on their bodily improvement, this is totally conceivable. Trip at your very own hazard!

For an in depth clarification approximately age limits for bike trailers, read: how old have to a kid be to ride in a bike trailer?

To learn how to trip safely with an kid, study: can an infant ride in a bike trailer? top five bike trailers for kid.

3.Safety capabilities

There are primary protection features which are critical to look for in a bike trailer: (1) the harness and (2) the quilt.

A five-factor harness is a widespread safety feature of almost all bike trailers, even the most inexpensive trailers. It’s simply crucial to ensure that the harness will fit your child with the aid of checking the load limit of the trailer (that is usually forty lbs in keeping with baby).

If your child is below the weight limit and beneath 6 years of age, the harness need to in shape with ease with out a hassle.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

The second one safety function to look for in a bike trailer is the quilt. On the decrease stop of bike trailers, it’s miles common to have a mesh/plastic cover that just flaps over the front of the trailer to enclose the child.

These cover-style covers aren’t best for protection motives, especially inside the occasion of an incident. But, they may be greater lightweight and typically offer better airflow through the trailer. They’re additionally a chunk more tedious to connect and detach whilst a toddler is mounting the bike trailer.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

On mid to high-cease bike trailers, the covers offer extra protection and value. The covers are more like cages and can easily be pulled up or all the way down to allow for a kid to mount the trailer.

A final be aware concerning safety features: bike trailer manufactures make it a priority to make their products secure.

As long as you are following primary protection precautions, then you will hardly ever have protection worries.

Ride on sidewalks and paths, journey at speeds below 10 mph, and placed on a few flashing lighting.

Right here’s my in-intensity article at the safety of bike trailers.


The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

bike trailer wheels typically are available in sizes: 16 inches and 20 inches.

The gold trendy for bike trailer wheels is 20 inches, which offers smoother rolling over bumps and difficult terrain. 20-inch wheels additionally make for an awesome stroller enjoy.

You may normally locate 20-inch wheels on mid-range bike trailers and up, however don’t be surprised if you locate them on an access-level trailer like the schwinn joyrider. If you can, goal to find a bike trailer that has 20-inch spoke wheels.

On the decrease quit of wheel satisfactory, you’ll find sixteen-inch wheels which can be occasionally plastic, like with the instep bike trailers. But the great affordability of that particular trailer (simply round $120) may be sufficient to make you want that version in case you’re just looking for an occasional rider.


The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

Making sure that your bike is well matched with a bike trailer is one of the first issues to make when looking for a trailer to drag your treasured cargo. Most bikes are well suited with all predominant bike trailers for kids.

Bike trailers both connect to the axle of the rear wheel or in your bike’s seat put up.

In maximum cases, you’ll be able to easily connect your new bike trailer proper out of the container, with all accessories included.

Mainly, if your bike’s rear wheel has a general brief-release (skewer that is going thru the middle of the wheel), then maximum trailers will attach easily in your bike.

A few varieties of bikes, however, may additionally require a easy adapter so as to attach the trailer. Typically, bikes that have 12mm thru-axle wheels or hooded-fashion dropouts might also require an adapter.

When you have disc brakes in your bike, be sure to examine my guide on attaching a bike trailer to disc brakes.

If you’re no longer positive approximately how a bike trailer may connect in your bike, i’ve created a beneficial guide, which you can check out here.

Bike trailers vs. Child seats

Any other commonplace question parents ask is, “what’s the exceptional and safest manner to journey collectively with a baby?” there are essentially methods to journey with a baby: a child seat or a bike trailer.

Bike trailers are commonly the safest alternative because the kid is extra blanketed within the event of a crash. Additionally, bike trailers are less difficult to deal with the bike with than child seats.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

At the beginning look, it might seem that the bike-set up infant seat is the easiest and most secure manner to journey with a infant because of the reality that they’re stored close to you. In fact, that became my notion for years till i looked extra into bike trailers.

However, bike trailers are tons more secure and lots less complicated to deal with than child seats.Want in addition convincing? Right here’s an editorial i wrote just about bike trailers vs. Child seats.

Are bike trailers even secure?

The subsequent affordable query that any loving parent would ask is, “are bike trailers even safe?”

The short solution is—yes, they may be. The longer solution is: with any out of doors pastime that includes semi-high speeds, there’s an element of danger, however the health advantages and amusement factors more frequently outweigh the risks.

As an example, an person riding a bike next to a baby or skiing with a kids has the equal risk factors as pulling a bike trailer. That is precisely the reason why bike trailers are arguably the most secure way to ride with a child.

By way of following some primary protection recommendations and your personal common experience, bike trailers are a whole lot more secure than comparable alternatives, together with a child seat.

On top of that, there is the introduced benefit of being very wholesome for you and your infant long-time period, which helps lessen the threat factors concerned with driving with a bike trailer.

With that said, there are numerous things you can do to make using with a bike trailer even more secure. The most reasonable motive for problem with bike trailers is the trailer no longer being visibly visible by way of cars on the road.

You could almost cast off this chance by way of the usage of flashing lighting, mounting a flag on the trailer (which generally comes with the trailer), staying on sidewalks and bike paths, and keeping off riding on roads with car.

Another commonplace safety concern is losing manage of the bike at the same time as using, which may be reduced through using at lower speeds below 10 mph and practicing frequently.

Right here’s everything you need to understand approximately riding effectively with a bike trailer.

There are numerous first rate articles that mr. Cash mustache wrote arguing that bike are the most safe form of shipping that i might advise reading. Find out more right here.

Is it hard to pull a bike trailer?

The issue of pulling every other human through bike is one of the first mental blocks we face when buying a bike trailer. In spite of everything, just pedaling ourselves up a hill may be a huge undertaking itself.

Pulling an extra forty to one hundred pounds of extra weight (the bike trailer plus one or two children) is considerably extra hard than pulling simply your self. However, the brought fitness benefits to you and your child frequently outweigh the difficulty for plenty dad and mom.

Similarly, the problem of pulling a bike trailer will lower over time as you grow to be stronger and comply with a few easy driving hints.

In this newsletter, i give an explanation for exactly how tough it’s miles to pull a bike trailer with children, in addition to come up with some helpful tips to make it less difficult.

The 8 Best Bike Trailers for Every Common Situation

These eight endorsed bike trailers are based totally on years of personal enjoy, patron reviews, and affordability.

My assumption is which you need the fine bike trailer on your cash, and those are truely the great bang-for-greenback bike trailers in the marketplace. They all have high-quit functions that might commonly cost tons more than their cutting-edge rate tag.

If you want help identifying if your bike is like compatible with those trailers, take a look at out my complete guide right here.

Here’s a beneficial video wherein i provide an explanation for all of it truly!

Schwinn Joyrider

Best double-seat bike trailer & stroller

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

The Schwinn Joyrider is a lot of features for less. It is seated trailer that convert to an excellent stroller.It is also budget friendly with the high end features with the competitors compared with that high pricey and this trailer that can take a beating.

The Schwinn Joyrider does many of the same thing to compare with the thule name for same than also in the half of the price.

It is wider than other average double seated trailer and it has large cargo space that makes our ride with infants comfort with the gravel riding and mountain riding with a safe.

Also make comfort ride with rough terrain with its large wheel and with the help of the protective cage.

Overall it is best value bike trailer for infants, and it is convinced that all high end features that is justified with this budget it is versatile with his all features.Thats why families loved this trailer.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Stroller conversions
  • Large space for cargo
  • Easy to pull
  • Protective cage for an infants
  • Versatile
  • Heavy
  • Wider

Thule Chariot Cheetah XT

Best single-seat bike trailer & stroller

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

There’s no motive to get a double-seater until you want one! There aren’t many single-seat trailers that convert to strollers available on the market, that is why the thule chariot cheetah is actually considered one of a kind.

Retaining in mind that thule is a excessive-end emblem with fantastic satisfactory, the chariot cheetah is a superb deal for what you get, which include stroller conversion.

Pros & Cons

  • Stroller and jogger conversion
  • Lightweight
  • Exclusive weight restriction
  • Large indoors space
  • It’s a minimalist trailer

Burley bee kids bike trailer

Best double-seat bike trailer

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

Burley Bee is the best lightweight bike trailer for an infants! It’s simple, and easy to fold and store, making it perfect for your family events.

Burley Bee has an integrated and heavy design that will make it easy for you to bring it on your journey.

Fold the flat for easy maintenance and mobility.The seat and its ribs are flexible, giving you the freedom to customize a trailer and therefore be perfect for your child.

The Burley Bee 8-seater lightweight, children-only bike trailer is the first choice for a pull behind bike trailer.

Made with the finest and latest materials.The special design makes it easy to carry with you.The perfect bike trailer for long kids and adventure-loving parents.

Lightweight and easy to carry.The rear rack can fit all your gear.It also comes with a rear handle to hold your luggage safely.


  • Affordable
  • Burley quality material
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use hitch
  • Large cargo space
  • It is minimalist
  • No stroller conversion

Burley Minnow

Best single-seat trailer only

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

The Burley Minnow is the best lightweight bike trailer for an infant that provides kids with the freedom of riding a bike from a trailer. 

With a one-seat design, this trailer is easy to get in and out of. It can be either towed or pushed by one person, and its compact fold flattens for easy storage and transport.

Kids will love the fun and excitement of riding around in a trailer that is designed with the safety of their bikes in mind. Easy to assemble and store, this lightweight trailer can be used with almost any bike & e-bike.

The sturdy, one-seat design ensures your child’s safety on the road. The compact fold flattens the trailer for easy storage and transportation.

This trailer also includes a steel hitch, tow bar, and safety flag.This trailer is great for beginners or those wanting to lose weight off her for easy to pull.


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Large cargo
  • Comfort for one kid
  • 5-harness system
  • Easy to fold
  • No stroller conversion

Schwinn Echo and Trailblazer Kids Bicycle trailer 

Best budget bike trailer

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

Schwinn, a trusted name for non-conventional trailers and bikes, has created the best lightweight bike trailer for a bike & e-bike,compact trailer that is easy to use.

For kids who are learning to ride or kids who want to ride but need the help of their parents, this trailer is perfect for walking around town.

This trailer is easy to fold and set, and is quite stable  when setting the moving wheels.

The Echo child biker includes Breezy patented handlebars that make for a great ride. It is the choice of a tall child  that comforts them.

solid and reliable trailer that works perfectly with a variety of bikes. This trailer goes well with a tow tie.This trailer is easy to  assemble and collapses for easy transport.

The universal bike coupler will fit most of the rear wheels of the bike. The 5-point flexible harness provides a safe but comfortable fit. Security flag for extra security and visibility.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Strolling conversion
  • Large space for cargo
  • Easy to fold
  • Rear
  • Wider

Thule chariot lite

Best rough-terrain stroller bike trailer

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

Thule Chariot Lite is a high-quality option trailer with the thule name and Best for active parents who are want to go outside with their little once infants with the help of bike trailer. 

The Chariot Lite are convinced that the features justify the price, and it is budget friendly compared to the other thule.I recommend you go to for gravel and mountain riding so it is great option because its larger wheels and suspension features. 

But isn’t adjustable and their is minimal padding seats make our ride with our infants comfortable and safe for a long ride with rough terrains.The best trailer for a frequents riders. 

Overall, it is a good trailer for Basic multi – sports and it isn’t for a tight budget with the high list of the quality thule. It is versatile with high-end features with quality.

Pros & Cons

  • High quality
  • Comfort on rough terrain
  • Waterproof
  • Two Front wheels
  • Lots of storage
  • Easy to attach to a bike
  • Pricey
  • Heavy

Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

Best affordable dog trailer

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

The Schwinn Rascal Bicycle Trailer is ideal for transporting your dog for short trips. The strong metal frame and strong plastic body construction make it one of the most durable dog trailers on the market.

The Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer is designed to fit most standard bicycles with a child seat post (for small dogs) or without (for large dogs).

The Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer folds up to fit in the trunk of your car when not in use. For added safety, the Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer features a rear doggy door so that your dog can enter and exit safely. The Quick Release Wheels are great for when you are in a hurry.

The Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer is a smaller and more compact version of the Rascal. It’s great for day-to-day use and you can fit it in your backseat easily when not in use.

It’s made with high-quality material and it folds up for easy storage. It comes with wheels that can be removed if you don’t need to fold it up or if you’d like to take it on the plane.

The trailer has a quick release that will make it much easier to attach your bike to the trailer and detach it when you want to take your bike on the plane. It easily attaches to most bikes and can be removed in under a minute.

The mounting mechanism also allows for two bikes to be attached together so you and your dog can ride together and not have to worry about him getting lost in the backseat.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Large metal wheels
  • Easy to fold and assemble
  • High quality
  • Lightweight

Schwinn day tripper cargo

Best Cargo-only bike trailer

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

Even though any bike trailer for kids will do just quality to maintain groceries or tow big gadgets, you could just need a fundamental cargo trailer that receives the task performed.

If so, the schwinn day tripper cargo trailer is an wonderful desire. It may hold an impressive 100 lbs of cargo.

Pros & Cons

  • Affordable
  • Excessive weight restrict
  • 16-inch wheelsCons
  • Fine quality

How to buy a used bike trailer

If you’re searching out a best bike trailer for under $ 100, then buying used is the way to head!

The great vicinity to purchase a used bike trailer is on a nearby online market, consisting of craigslist, facebook marketplace, or ebay. Since bike trailers can be exceeded on for decades, you may discover a best bike trailer for a great price.

Bike trailers are one of those gadgets that should preferably be passed on from one own family to the subsequent while decreasing the need to fabricate new bike trailers.

In other phrases, there are lots of used trailers on the market floating round! Below i’ve outlined some matters to recognise earlier than you purchase a used trailer.

Best practices when buying a used bike trailer

Apart from the usage of the equal exceptional practices you’ll when shopping any used bike trailer, there are some important matters to look out for when shopping a used bike trailer.

1.Search to your neighborhood vicinity

Search for “bike trailers” on craigslist, facebook marketplace, and ebay to your nearby place.

Clear out through “bike trailers”

Sorting the gadgets with a charge filter out will come up with an immediate result on what you’re seeking out.

Filter with the aid of distance

Don’t be afraid to power an hour or longer to get the bike trailer, in particular in case you discover a good buy.

2.Know how a lot you are definitely saving

Once you’ve determined a used bike trailer on the market inside your charge range, make sure to look up the actual retail charge for that trailer.

On occasion sellers promote gadgets without giving it tons of a discount. As an instance, a $150 schwinn bike trailer going for $a hundred on craigslist is not a whole lot of a deal. But at $300 burley bee going for $100 is a heck of a steal!

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

3.Deliver your bike with you

Now not all varieties of bikes play nicely with all bike trailers.

As an instance, if you have disc brakes and a thru-axle, then the trailer’s coupler attachment will probably no longer healthy for your disc brakes.

Therefore, it is endorsed to carry the bike with you to make certain

In case you’re now not sure how a bike trailer could attach for your bike, test out my article on attachments.

The Ultimate Guide to Buying a Bike Trailer (With Hands-on Reviews)

4.Search for wear and tear

It’s far anticipated to see natural wear and tear on any used bike trailer.

But there are some crucial areas to search for massive damage. Specially, the hitch attachment and the wheels are maximum essential.

Make certain that the hitch and coupler attachment paintings nicely, haven’t any cracks, and aren’t bent.

Also, take a look at the wheels and give them a spin to ensure they spin easily and straight.

5.Ask the proper questions

If the description and images don’t tell you an awful lot about the circumstance of the trailer, then don’t pull away from asking questions.

The trailer need to have the fundamental capabilities intact. I might advise asking the following:

  • Does it include the coupler hitch attachment?
  • If it doesn’t, you could without difficulty get one for round $10 on amazon
  • What’s the situation of the wheels?
  • Wheels are vital (duh). They need to be rotating great.
  • What’s the condition of the cover?

If possible, you may ask those questions earlier than seeing it in character by e-mail, textual content, or telephone.

6.Watch out for scams

A few marketplaces are riddled with bots and scammers. Substantially, craigslist will bring up many consequences which might be glaringly scam bots.

I just did a look for “bike trailers” with a fee filter out of under $100 and a radius of one hundred miles of my region in north carolina.

The consequences turned up many spammy bike trailer listings selling for $0, which were obviously bot-generated scams.

You may tell something is a scam due to the frequent images used. Simply steer clear of those, and you would possibly discover a few accurate deals.

In other phrases, there are lots of used trailers on the market floating round! Underneath i’ve mentioned a few matters to understand earlier than you buying a used trailer.

For more of an in-intensity guide on how to buy for a used bike trailer, study my guide on buying for a used bike trailer.

Get clear on your reason for getting a bike trailer

Now, i don’t need to persuade you far from buying a bike trailer. In fact, i would be glad to see extra human beings out and approximately. But it’s crucial to recognise your why earlier than making the acquisition.

If you have a clean reason, you may be much more likely to get the maximum out of using the trailer and make it a priority to take the trailer on own family outings. Alternatively, in case you lack the incentive to trip with a trailer, then it’s clean to see it as an fee, in place of an investment.

My private reason for the use of bike trailers every time viable is for our fitness. It’s healthy for me to burn some extra energy and beef up my legs by pulling the a hundred more pounds of kiddos behind me.

It’s additionally healthy for my kids to enjoy the thrills and freshness of the outside, in addition to see me, their parent, set an instance of healthful living.

I also happen to trust that if anybody took their bike out extra in place of the auto, humanity could be a great deal higher off health-clever, environmentally, and financially.

These motivations i have are enough to ring a bell in me to take the kids out with the bike trailer as a minimum a few instances in step with week, mainly whilst we’re going any distances inside 2 miles.

I heard as soon as that half of of all motors on the street in america are journeying to destinations which might be below 2 miles away.

This reality truely greatly surprised me, as i found out that we could clear up so much of the visitors and health issues we are facing just by cycling and taking walks more.

Anyway, sufficient approximately me. What’s your purpose?

Are you hoping to begin cycling greater than using? Are you planning on spending more time outdoors with the kids? Are you looking for a pleasant recreational pastime with the own family? Getting groceries?

4 benefits of bike trailers

Right here are 4 not-so-apparent benefits of riding with a bike trailer:

1.It’s proper in your kids

This is probably the primary reason families get into bike trailers—it’s simply all-round a laugh and wholesome for the children.

From the age of one year old (or more youthful) to around 6 or 7, kids can revel in the first-rate benefits of being exterior without having to know how to ride a bike themselves.

On pinnacle of that, something we don’t regularly do not forget is that children are continuously looking our behavior. If they see that we’re selecting to bike in place of taking the car , then they’ll model that conduct at some point of their lives.

Our family’s rule is that if our vacation spot is below three miles, then we need to bike or walk.

Many people write this off as not possible or dangerous because they are accustomed to riding and consequently don’t know that there are flawlessly safe and viable roads/paths all around us.

I used to be living in new jersey when we began using with a bike trailer, that is arguably one of the maximum bike-unfriendly areas in the united states.

2.It’s correct on your health

What about you? Will you shed pounds and feature your heart become greater efficient at pumping blood because of pulling a bike trailer? You guess.

With round forty to a 100 lbs of greater weight at the back of you, you’re going to be putting down extra electricity, burning greater calories, and making your heart work more difficult.

In case you simply determine to journey with the bike trailer as soon as per week for about three-five miles, you’ll get a killer exercising just from that. The longer you pass and the more hills you climb, the extra efficient your frame turns into at pulling the more weight.

So yes, bike trailers are an funding for your health. Not handiest physical health however intellectual health too. Using is disturbing. Riding with children is outright the worst. The easy act of having within the car with the children is a massive project.

With bike trailers, alternatively, every trip is an adventure and a big stress alleviation.

3.You can save cash

Relying on how decided you’re to make biking a life-style instead of using or taking public transit, you can save a extensive amount of money.

Simply maintain this thoughts-blowing statistic in mind, supplied by using the us environmental safety organization (epa.Gov):

“car trips of under a mile upload as much as about 10 billion miles in line with yr, consistent with the 2009 U.S. Countrywide household transportation survey (nhts).2 that’s just like the entire populace of chicago riding to las vegas and back! If all of us chose to power 1/2 of these quick trips with our feet in preference to petroleum, assuming an average gasoline economic system of 22 mpg and a mean gas price of $2.50/gallon, we would shop approximately $575 million in gasoline prices and about 2 million metric heaps of co2 emissions in line with yr.

That’s like taking about 400,000 bike off the road every year. The whole economic savings are even bigger — almost $900 million greenbacks — while you consist of financial savings on maintenance and tire replacement.”

So when you have comparable using behavior because the average american, you may reduce your using time and charges notably by way of simply cycling in preference to using.

There are clearly many motives not to do that, which include safety issues, fitness degree, and many others. However you by no means recognise till you attempt.

I would propose making a list of the maximum common destinations which you pressure to from your own home, after which take out google maps to see what the most secure route would be to get there.

Now, the aspect about bike trailers is that i do now not propose the usage of them on the road. I only simply sense comfy driving at the sidewalk or on bike paths.

This is in particular due to the fact the bike trailer is drastically wider than the bike, so it will become difficult to trip at the shoulder of the road. In addition, the bike trailer is lower to the floor, so cars won’t see it while they may be passing you.

4.You can keep the environment

As mentioned above, 10 billion miles really worth of vehicle trips each yr are below 1 mile.

Just reflect on consideration on the environmental effect it would have if all of us determined to start biking all distances under 1 mile.

No longer only would it have an effect on the environment, but it might have a vast effect on bike protection (fewer bike), as well as our private wealth (financial savings) and health (body performance).

Of route, there might be a large economic shift we’d ought to cope with! But after that settles, the cease result might be a purifier, more healthy, happier, and wealthier international for each person.

The bottomline

This newsletter included everything you’ll need to recognise earlier than buying a bike trailer—which is a lot! We protected special types of motorcycle trailers, what to search for in a trailer, why trailers are the first-class option to experience with a toddler, and some of the pinnacle best bike trailers for every scenario.

Typical, my advice is to invite your self the subsequent questions and then simply pick out one of the trailers from the listing above.

  • Wherein do you plan to trip with the bike trailer?
  • Do you propose to apply it as a stroller as well?
  • What’s your finances?

Want help finding the proper bike trailer?

If you want help locating the right bike trailer for you, my endorsed trailer for the majority is the scwhinn joyrider, that’s an less expensive double-seater that converts superbly to a stroller. Take a look at out my complete review with pictures right here.

Test out the remaining manual to shopping for a bike trailer for extra help with choosing a trailer. I also have compiled a listing of the top bike trailers for each common situation, which you may check out here.

Trip on!

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