Best Bike Trailer for Kids Under $300: Burley Bee Review

After the usage of many bike trailers over time, i’m convinced that the burley bee bike trailer is the best bang-for-buck trailer available on the market for just around $300.

It’s a lightweight, double-seat (or single) bike trailer with huge 20-inch wheels and lots of interior area for an low priced charge.

However there are some reasons i’d hesitate to advocate this bike trailer to a few humans.

Here are four of the nice matters about the Burley bee, as well as the three of the worst things about it.

What makes the burley bee the best bike trailer under $300?

The burley bee is a notable child bike trailer for simply around $300, which is affordable than other burley trailers of this quality. It comes with the best-first-rate materials that burley has to provide, whilst also being extremely lightweight and comfort for kids.

Best Bike Trailer for Kids Under $300: Burley Bee Review

But, there are some motives i might hesitate to suggest the burley bee to some people. Namely, if you are looking for a bike trailer that converts to a stroller, you then would be higher off getting the schwinn joyrider, which is in the identical rate variety.

Additionally, if you are planning to pull the burley bee with a disc brake bike that has a thru-axle, then there are a few stuff you must recall earlier than getting the burley bee. I’ll provide an explanation for beneath why disc brakes might motive you a few troubles.

Here’s an overview of the burley bee specifications.

Best Bike Trailer for Kids Under $300: Burley Bee Review


  • Tremendous materials for an entry-stage fee
  • Large 20-inch wheels
  • Secure bench-fashion seats
  • Lightweight (20 lbs)


  • Complex attachment system
  • No stroller conversion available
  • Keep studying to discover the entirety you need to recognise approximately the burley bee.

Under we will outline the great matters and the worst matters approximately the burley bee.

The 4 best things about the Burley Bee

The burley bee does nearly everything flawlessly for such an cheap bike trailer.

Apart from being one of the coolest-looking bike trailers round, the burley bee features beautifully with massive wheels, a lightweight frame, and really comfortable bench-style seats.

View on amazon.

Best Bike Trailer for Kids Under $300: Burley Bee Review

Price & Affordability

The charge tag of the burley bee makes it one of the most bang-for-buck bike trailers on the market. At simply round $300, the burley bee is plenty more lower priced than other trailers by using the burley brand. Burley is a high-end bike trailer manufacturer this is recognised for having superb trailers, which makes this trailer a steal of a deal.

With that stated, if you could swing for another $50, then i’d incredibly advocate which you additionally take a look at out the schwinn joyrider for round $350. The joyrider has some of the equal functions as the burley bee, and also comes with a stroller conversion and a defensive smooth-to-open cover.

Here’s my in-intensity overview of using the schwinn joyrider for decades.

Best Bike Trailer for Kids Under $300: Burley Bee Review

Sturdy 20-inch wheels

The gold popular for bike trailer wheels is 20 inches. Most of the high-end bike trailers have 20-inch wheels because they make the riding experience lots smoother for you and in your precious cargo.

The burley bee wheels in particular are extremely strong! They may be significant and just sense ultra-stiff. Those wheels are even more robust than those determined on the maximum highly-priced thule bike trailer, the chariot cross.

I particularly love the yellow buttons at the middle of the wheel that let you without difficulty attach and detach the wheels.

Best Bike Trailer for Kids Under $300: Burley Bee Review

Impressively lightweight body

When the burley bee first arrived in its massive cardboard container from amazon, i was without delay inspired with how lightweight it’s far!

Critically, at simply 20 lbs, it’s far tough to find a bike trailer of this fine and length at this sort of low weight. I’m able to even raise it up with one arm.

However why does the trailer weight even count number?

When it comes to the act of pulling a bike trailer, the lighter the higher. You will mainly word the trailer weight while climbing hills and occurring lengthy rides. A few bike trailers are even twice as heavy because the burley bee, so that you can believe how a whole lot simpler the load savings make pulling this trailer.

Secure bench-fashion seats

The seats on the burley bee are bench-style, because of this they are strong enough to preserve children with out sinking inside the center. Bench-fashion seats are most appropriate over hammock-fashion seats found on budget trailers due to the fact they’re extra comfy.

Best Bike Trailer for Kids Under $300: Burley Bee Review

Other noteworthy features of the burley bee

Correct-first-rate mesh covers

Best Bike Trailer for Kids Under $300: Burley Bee Review

Maximum mesh covers on bike trailers aren’t incredible nice. They arrive off whilst driving and are tough to get over the frame. The burley bee, then again, has very robust covers that don’t come off even as using and will stand the take a look at of time.

Sufficient garage space

In case you carry up the duvet to reveal the again of the trailer, there may be enough storage room for some thing you would possibly want to convey with you. The ample garage area makes the burley bee a first-rate trailer for grocery purchasing.

Best Bike Trailer for Kids Under $300: Burley Bee Review

The three worst things about the burley bee

Apart from no longer coming with stroller conversion, there is only one thing that the burley bee nearly receives right: the attachment machine.

I’ve attached each principal bike trailer to various unique varieties of bikes, and the burley attachment system is the maximum complicated and non-conventional of all.

Best Bike Trailer for Kids Under $300: Burley Bee Review

Attaching to disc brakes may be expensive

Attaching a burley bike trailer to a disc brake bike is a topic of a good deal confusion. In fact, i even wrote an entire guide on the way to do it!

(sigh…) i wish i may want to say that attaching the burley trailer to disc brakes had been as truthful as burley’s website states. But it isn’t, due to the fact there are so many versions of disc brakes thru-axle sizes, thread sizes, and axle lengths.

The burley website gives commands that don’t paintings for every disc brake owner, and in a few cases, the attachments they endorse aren’t even wished.

However i have an answer for you: simply get the bike trailer you want and notice if it suits.

The reason i say that is primarily based on personal experience. I to start with sold all three of the attachments that burley recommends for thru-axle disc brakes (about $90 in general). Once I got the attachments from amazon and used them with my burley trailer, i observed that my burley trailer worked simply satisfactory with a popular schwinn coupler attachment!

So i felt a chunk ripped off.

So my great advice in terms of attachments and bike trailers is to simply get the bike trailer you want and see if it attaches on your bike. If it doesn’t suit, then visit this guide on a way to attach any bike trailer to any bike.

Best Bike Trailer for Kids Under $300: Burley Bee Review

The burley bike trailer could tip over

This one looks as if an oversight or design flaw.

There may be a threat that burley bike trailers tip over if the bike falls over. Allow me provide an explanation for.

All bike trailer producers apart from burley use a flexible connection spring system that maintains the trailer from tipping over within the occasion of a crash or your bike falls over.

The burley connector, but, uses a rubber connection factor to attach to the coupler hitch. The main disadvantage of the use of this rubber system is that there is a danger that the bike trailer will tip over if the bike falls over in a certain manner (see image under).

Best Bike Trailer for Kids Under $300: Burley Bee Review

Folding the frame is a trouble

An essential function for many human beings is the capability to quickly and without difficulty fold up the frame to keep within the vehicle trunk or storage.

But the body on the burley bee is quite tedious to fold up and spread. I would select a folding device as seen on the schwinn joyrider.

Is reasonably, that is anticipated on any bike trailer that does not convert to a stroller.

Best Bike Trailer for Kids Under $300: Burley Bee Review


Is the burley bee really worth your $three hundred? Virtually sure! It is extensively higher than different bike trailers in the identical price variety.

If you’re looking for a minimalist bike trailer that receives the task done nicely, then the burley bee is the trailer for you. In case you want a trailer that does have stroller conversion, then the schwinn joyrider is my pleasant advice.

Want help finding the right bike trailer?

If you want help finding the proper bike trailer for you, my advocated trailer for most people is the scwhinn joyrider, which is an low cost double-seater that converts fantastically to a stroller. Check out my complete evaluation with photographs right here.

Test out the last guide to buying for a bike trailer for more help with deciding on a trailer. I also have compiled a listing of the top bike trailers for each commonplace scenario, which you could check out here.

Ride on!

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