Where to Get a Pin for Your Bike Trailer Hitch Coupler

That little security pin in your bike trailer that continues getting lost simply may keep a life!

The security pin is a small steel contraption that secures the arm of the bike trailer to the coupler attachment at the bike. It ensures that the trailer does now not detach from the bike whilst riding.

The security pin is also known as a preserving pin, security pin, hitch pin, or coupler pin.

The bottomline—it’s an vital piece of the bike trailer.

However wherein are you able to get one?

I’ve misplaced mine several instances on distinctive brands of bike trailers, so i recognise exactly what it’s like and where to get the right substitute.

If you’ve misplaced your pin or you’re now not positive that’s the appropriate pin for your unique trailer, right here’s how to get a substitute.

A bike trailer security pin can be purchased for less than $10 online from amazon. All of the main bike trailer manufacturers use the same wellknown security pin, consisting of trailers burley, schwinn, instep, and hamax. Thule bike trailers, however, use a unique security pin.

You may get two security pins for round $11 from amazon here.

That unique product also comes with two burley couplers, which you could forget about if you don’t have a burley trailer. It’s just a whole lot cheaper to shop for pins that come with the couplers. Regardless, i endorse getting pins simply in case you ever want some other.

If you’re additionally looking for a coupler attachment for your bike trailer, take a look at out the guide i prepare on couplers.

Does the size of the security pin matter?

All of the foremost bike trailer manufacturers use the identical size for their security pins, such as bike trailers by way of burley, schwinn, instep, and hamax.

Thule is the best important bike trailer brand that uses a extraordinary security pin device, which i’ll outline under.

Where to Get a Pin for Your Bike Trailer Hitch Coupler

Thule’s Unique Security pin

Thule is the only incredible producer that makes use of a unique attachment gadget that calls for a distinct pin. Lamentably, their pin is sold collectively with the entire hitch arm, which may be observed on amazon here.

Where to Get a Pin for Your Bike Trailer Hitch Coupler

Can you use a standard security pin on a Thule bike trailer?

Thule bike trailers come with a unique “hitch lock pin” that acts as the security device to preserve the trailer from detaching. Thule is the only brand that does not use the same old security pin that other manufacturers use.

In case you want a brand new security pin for a thule bike trailer, you will want to affort an entirely new hitch arm, which comes with the pin connected to the arm.

That’s an pricey pin!

Do you even need the security pin?

The coupler security pin is designed as a safety mechanism to make certain that the trailer arm does not detach from the bike’s rear wheel even as using. Consequently, it’s far very dangerous to attach a bike trailer without a security pin. It’s far critical to have the right security pin on your bike trailer’s coupler gadget.

Some bike trailer proprietors try and diy their coupler attachment by designing their very own contraption to comfortable the bike trailer. Except you are a very professional and knowledgeable welder, i strongly recommend against that and simply spending the $8 to get a new security pin. It’s worth the investment!

There are some people on youtube who’ve showcased their welding capabilities by using manufacturing their very own coupler attachment system for his or her bike trailer. I imagine it’s a rewarding venture to take upon yourself, but i wouldn’t advise attempting that.

You may take a look at out one of the diy bike trailer videos here.

Are bike trailer pins different from car trailer pins?

Bike trailer security pins ought to now not be pressured with vehicle trailer pins. Car trailers use many exceptional lengths and diameters of pins as a way to not paintings on bike trailers. They do not offer the same comfort and characteristic as a bike trailer security pin.

I recommend simply buying a couple of pins on amazon for simply $8 which are in particular designed for bike trailers.

How to Attach a Bike Trailer
For Axle Attachments

1.Attach the coupler

In order to loosen the nut of your rear wheel, use a wrench to remove the axle rod. Arrange the coupler’s receiver and washer on either side of the axle then replace the axle rod in its original slot.Make sure the coupler and washer are installed and the lock is in place.

2.Extend the Bike Trailer’s Arm

Pull the tow arm from underneath the trailer. Once it is fully extended, lock it by pinning it to the tow chain.

3.Attach the Arm to the Coupler

There’s a gap on the trailer coupler, align it with the holes on the arm of the trailer and then press the pin through it.There is a clasp underneath the screw that you use to secure the connection.

For added security when transporting the bike trailer, I wrapped the strap around the bike’s frame and attached it with a D-ring.

If you’re more of a visual learner, you should watch this step-by-step guide on how to attach a bike trailer. This video helps to do properly and full guide on how to attach a bike trailer.

For Seat Post Attachments

1.Install the Receiver

Remove the seat post, slide the seat down, and then reattach the seat post.

2.Attach the Trailer Hitch

Once the receiver is installed, you can now install the hitch onto it. Align the holes on the receiver and the hitch, then insert the bolt through them.Adjust the washer and the nut until the trailer is properly tightened.

3.Use the Safety Strap (if it’s available)

Some trailer hitch connections come with a safety strap. You can wrap it around your bike frame and then clip on securely to the trailer.

For more you may be find here valuable information on how to attach a bike trailer: step by step.

How to attach bike trailer to a road bike?

Where to Get a Pin for Your Bike Trailer Hitch Coupler

When you’re planning a road bike trip, it’s important to know how to attach a bike trailer to your road bike.

It’s important to know the right ways to attach a bike trailer to a road bike.

In order to attach a bike trailer to a road bike, you need to use the right equipment and make sure your bike is safe. You need to know the right ways to attach a trailer to a bike and how to safely attach it.

To attach a bike trailer to a road bike, there are several steps to follow.

First, you need to get your wheels and frame cleaned and free of dirt, grime, grease and other debris. 

Next, make sure that the bike is mounted properly. In order to do this, you must make sure that the wheels are pointed in the right direction, adjusted to fit your frame and fitted with the correct tires

Finally, you must make sure that the bike is properly adjusted.

While most road bikes do not come with a trailer, you can attach one to a road bike in order to make your commute easier

You can use a bike rack to attach the trailer to your road bike, or you can use a bike ratchet to tighten the bolts

The main advantage of using a bike rack is that it allows you to keep your cargo when you are going up and down hills.

For more you may be check here more valuable information on how to attach a bike trailer to road bike.

How do you secure a bike trailer?

Where to Get a Pin for Your Bike Trailer Hitch Coupler

We have to secure our bike trailer with our bicycle with the use of U lock secure. You will feel safe and also secure with the bike trailer. If you don’t found any attachment with bike trailer for lock then you use U lock to secure our bike trailer.

For more valuable information you can check here.

Conclusion on pins of bike trailer

A bike trailer’s security pin is the most without difficulty misplaced accessory. And it’s possibly one of the most important pieces that come with the trailer.

In case you’re in need of a brand new security pin (or a few), then make certain to check out this option from amazon for much less than $10. If you happen to have a thule bike trailer, then you definately’ll need to get a alternative hitch arm, which you may also get from amazon right here.

Want help locating the proper bike trailer?

In case you want help locating the right bike trailer for you, my recommended trailer for most of the people is the scwhinn joyrider, that is an low-cost double-seater that converts fantastically to a stroller. Test out my complete evaluation with photographs right here.

Check out the last guide to buying a bike trailer for more help with choosing a trailer. I additionally have compiled a listing of the pinnacle bike trailers for each common place state of affairs, which you can take a look at out here.

Trip on!

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