Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)

The thule chariot go has been dubbed by means of many the best universal bike trailer with suspension in the marketplace—and for appropriate reasons!

It has among the best features on every rectangular inch, together with double seats, massive wheels, superb stroller conversion, and even suspension for a further easy experience.

But is it honestly the excellent of the great? Or are there better alternatives available on the market for a lower price tag?

I bought the thule chariot move to determine out if a $1000+ bike trailer is really worth the investment.

Right here is my honest overview of the usage of the excellent capabilities of the high-cease $1,000 thule chariot move, and a few matters that i don’t in particular like approximately it.

What makes the Thule Chariot Cross the best bike trailer with suspension?

The thule chariot cross bike trailer is first-rate for lively families searching out an all-around high-quality trailer that has seamless stroller conversion, big wheels, and suspension for hard terrain using. It’s miles a high-give up bike trailer for families that experience frequent using and on foot in all situations.

Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)
Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)


  • Maximum-first-class substances—certainly the excellent additives in the marketplace
  • Suspension—introduced comfort on tough terrain
  • Double front wheels—makes for an notable stroller
  • Plenty of garage—it even comes with a pannier bag attached to the returned


  • Cost—it’s a the most effective bike trailer and has suspension
  • Tough to collect—it comes with lots of attachments which can be tough to apprehend at the beginning

Keep studying to discover everything you need to realise approximately the thule chariot move.

In this newsletter, we are able to cover some critical factors to remember while purchasing a bike trailer. They are:

  • Design
  • Weight Limit
  • Comfort
  • Attaching to a bike
  • Price & Affordability
  • (Plus 3 things I don’t like)

The design

The most vital component that influences the protection, feature, and luxury of the bike trailer is how it’s designed.

Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)

1.Allow’s speak about that superb stroller!

What makes the chariot cross stand out amongst different excessive-cease trailers are the double front wheels. Maximum trailers/strollers will just have one centered wheel, that may without difficulty get caught in dust or a pothole whilst walking.

With the double wheels on this version, but, on foot will become a great deal less complicated than even a few high-quit strollers.

In addition, the massive 20-inch wheels make it a smooth stroller trip and are amazing for buying over curbs or getting through puddles.

Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)

2.Big 20-inch spoke wheels

There is actually nothing to whinge about the wheels on the chariot cross—they’re an impressive 20 inches, which is the gold general for bike trailer wheels. Any smaller will become much less comfy for the kids.

However, i had a very difficult time seeking to figure out the way to placed them on properly and do away with them. There’s a blue button on the center of every of the wheels which you need to press a good way to attach and detach the wheels. Because it seems, studying the commands does assist from time to time🙂.

The tires on the wheels aren’t treaded, which was surprising to me. Extra on that below.

Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)

3.Strong zipper cover

The duvet is strong and zips over the front of the trailer to enclose the valuable shipment. The only challenge i’ve with the zipper-fashion cowl is that zippers are very tough to restore in the event that they break. If the zipper in this cowl have been to break, i wouldn’t recognise where to visit get it fixed. For that reason, i in my view decide on a cage-style cowl as visible at the schwinn joyrider. However, the zipper is very high quality, so i don’t fear too much that it’ll break.

Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)

4.Amble storage space

The chariot pass has an impressive amount of area on the rear aspect of the trailer. There’s a pannier bag located beneath the handlebar that can simply suit cargo for the children or maybe groceries.

Further, the indoors area of the trailer is large enough to also preserve gadgets for the children, inclusive of toys, snacks, water, or a bag.

5.Compact suit

The chariot cross folds up well while storing away within the storage or inside the trunk of a vehicle. All of the essential equipment can match well inside the trailer body at the same time as folded up, along with the the front and rear wheels.

This is a pleasant contact because a few other bike trailers are instead large and don’t in shape pretty as properly into storage or the car.

How much weight can the Chariot Cross hold?

This trailer can keep an impressive 100 lbs. It has no difficulty keeping children readily on its robust bench-fashion seat. Similarly, the more interior room that this trailer gives makes it perfect for developing children. The chariot go can theoretically preserve kids until they’re 7 or eight years old, which makes it a notable investment.

How does the suspension work on a bike trailer?

The chariot move is one of the few bike trailers that have a suspension function.

The suspension is an adjustable latch placed behind the wheels that permit for the wheels to move barely up and down while going over tough terrain. The suspension tiers are adjusted by way of transferring a blue latch forward and backward, if you want to either reduce or growth the quantity of suspension.

Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)

Comfort: How does it feel to pull?

As expected, the feel of the trailer is topnotch. The massive 20-inch wheels and suspension combine to make a completely smooth journey even as pulling the trailer behind you. The most effective element you may be aware to be an inconvenience is the load of the trailer. At 32 lbs, this trailer is at the higher stop of bike trailer weights.

Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)

There are a few times in which the load of the trailer ought to be taken into consideration. As an instance, if you plan to do a lot of hill climbs or lengthy-distance driving (greater than 10 miles), then you could move for a greater light-weight bike trailer, like the thule chariot lite (28 lbs) or the burley bee (no stroller conversion).

Despite the fact that the burden of the trailer is probably an crucial consideration, you will truely not really word the trailer weight as you get used to the feel of the trailer.

Here are my recommended best lightweight bike trailers.

Right here are 7 guidelines to make pulling a bike trailer easier.

Attaching the trailer and stroller conversion

The chariot go bike trailer comes already assembled out of the field, so all you need to do is hitch it to a bike and get going.

Thule trailers use a unique attachment machine that isn’t always determined on another bike trailer brands. The chariot pass comes with a metal coupler attachment that attaches to the axle of the rear wheel of your bike. Then, the use of a security pin, just slide inside the hitch arm and latch it closed with the pin.

Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)

Why your thule trailer may not attach: disc brakes

Thule bike trailers commonly play well with disc brakes. But, if you have a 12mm thru-axle (the skewer that goes through the wheel axle), then you’ll need to buy a thru-axle adapter designed for bike trailers. You could get thule’s adapter for round $60 on amazon. Or, you can get the burley thru axle, which is barely cheaper and does the identical issue for around $55 on amazon.

How to attach a Thule bike trailer to a bike

When using as a bike trailer:

1.Connect the coupler on your bike’s rear wheel
2.Flip the hitch arm forward
3.Connect the hitch arm to the coupler the use of the security pin
4.Hit the road!

When the usage of as a stroller:

1.Cast off the hitch arm and location it in the back of the left wheel
2.Attach the supplied front wheels to the trailer
3.Modify the handlebar top on your liking
4.Now you’ve got a stroller

Some types of bikes are not compatible out of the box. If you’re not sure if your bike is compatible, check out this post.

Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)

Rate & affordability

At round $1,000–$1,200, what precisely makes this trailer one of the priciest in the marketplace?

The short answer is: first-rate and suspension.

Thule in reality invested in making this a flagship bike trailer, with outstanding features covering each rectangular inch. Some of the stand-out satisfactory materials include the wheels (the front and rear), the frame, and the seats. On top of all that, the chariot move is one of the few bike trailers that provide suspension for added consolation.

But is it really worth the $1,000 fee tag? This brings us to the main drawbacks of the thule chariot pass mentioned underneath.

Observe: on the time of this writing, i’ve observed that thule has raised the charges on their bike trailers by means of a few hundred bucks for the christmas season. I desire they didn’t do this since it’s already a excessive-price tag item. Other bike trailer brands, like schwinn, are not elevating costs to my information.

3 most important drawbacks of the thule chariot pass

The thule chariot pass is a tremendous bike trailer, no doubt. But, there are 3 predominant reasons i might have a few hesitation to endorse it to a person.

1.It’s expensive

For about $1,000, you get all the bells and whistles from what the bike trailer industry has to offer. But, there are perfectly good bike trailers with very comparable functions at a much greater cheap charge factor.

As an example, the thule chariot lite has almost all of the precise same features (stroller, suspension), but it’s a few hundred greenbacks cheaper on amazon. I would surely recommend that checking that trailer out rather than the chariot cross.

Is there an even extra affordable bike trailer with similar capabilities? Yes! The schwinn joyrider has double seats, easy stroller conversion, a massive protecting cage, and huge 20-inch wheels. The first-rate component is it handiest prices around $490 on amazon! It doesn’t have suspension like the chariot move, however that’s what you pay for.

Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)

Here’s a table breakdown of all the maximum-quit bike trailers from other manufacturers:

Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)

2.It became hard to prepare

For the existence of me, i couldn’t discern out a way to positioned it collectively! Commonly, i don’t want to look at the instructions to realise intuitively a way to collect a bike trailer.

However with the chariot move, it took me a good half-hour to discern out how all the attachments paintings, how to placed the wheels on, and even a way to unfold it. Once you figure it out, it’s pretty clean, but in case you’re a person who likes simplicity, then it is probably a bit overwhelming at the start.

Within reason to thule, they do a terrific job at presenting instructions and plenty of attachments you may need (consisting of a flag and a rear mild).

3.The tires are not treaded!

For a bike trailer that boasts being “four seasons”, i used to be surprised to find that the tires on the chariot go aren’t treaded and are instead clean.

Specially for winter riding or dust using, treaded tires are essential to make certain traction and to lessen the threat of sliding. So if you’re planning on iciness using or dirt using, i’d propose swapping out the tires for some treaded ones, like these ones from amazon.

Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)

In all honesty, the dearth of treads looks as if an oversight or a layout flaw. However on the other hand, if you’re riding at the endorsed speeds of under 10 mph, then it’s likely not something to be involved approximately. I’ve now not had any troubles myself nor have i heard of everyone having problems with the treadless tires.

What do different parents say about the thule chariot go?

Earlier than i purchased this bike trailer, i made positive to brush through all of the maximum helpful feedback on amazon so that i should make an informed decision.

Here’s what maximum users say:

Pros from customers

  • “We had been debating for awhile to shop for it or no longer because of the fee however now whilst we did it we are regretting we didn’t do it earlier while our infant become more youthful.”
  • “Brilliant light and agile, nice double stroller out. It simply fits through a unmarried doorway which become a pleasant marvel”
  • “The youngsters find it irresistible, they like that they can sit up straight proper or the infant can recline and sleep. Higher shock absorb than maximum and light to jog/push compared to bob stroller.”
  • “First of all this is not your average stroller – this is a heavy duty, large sports activities stroller this is constructed like a tank. It is somewhat heavy and huge even folded. The stroller itself is fairly wide, and is designed for sports such as biking, going for walks, skiing and on foot. Assembling is virtually easy, and the jogging wheel or skis are not protected – it have to be purchased one by one.”

Cons from customers

  • “It’s far amazing overall. One minor thing, whilst going for walks with the front wheel attached i discover it tougher to maneuver. More difficult however now not impossible.”
  • “We like this stroller!! The best complaint that is that there isn’t any aspect air flow so it can get genuinely warm internal.”
  • “Best con is it isn’t always exceptional at turning when walking”
Best Bike Trailer With Suspension: Thule Chariot Cross (Review)

The chariot cross bottomline

For an adventurous circle of relatives that has the finances for a among the best bike trailer that appears remarkable, the thule chariot move is a superb preference.

In case you’re new to bike trailers and what satisfactory without breaking the financial institution, then there are numerous awesome trailers that provide the identical principal features at a higher rate point. Any of the bike trailers noted within the above trailer might be a extremely good cheaper alternative to the chariot pass.

After shopping and the usage of the thule chariot pass for our ordinary family outings, i’ve come to like its first-class and usefulness.

Want help finding the right bike trailer?

If you want assist locating the right bike trailer for you, My endorsed trailer for the majority is the scwhinn joyrider, that is an low priced double-seater that converts beautifully to a stroller. Test out my full evaluate with pics here.

Test out the remaining manual to shopping for a bike trailer for extra assist with deciding on a trailer. I also have compiled a listing of the top bike trailers for each common state of affairs, which you may check out right here.

Trip on!

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